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    Thoughts on charging admission to HS graduations

    Until you have districts with the intestinal fortitude to hire officers to escort these types of spectators out, it will continue.
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    The Meaning of the Constitution

    Thank you keeping this going. Very informative.
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    Pet picture thread...

    I’m not going to be posting much for a bit. We joined a state dog rescue, Doodle Dandy Rescue, and have our first foster pup. Meet Coco Puff. She was dumped probably by a breeder who couldn’t sell her due to her having swallowing issues. We hand feed her and she is doing great! Probably a...
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    Ribs wet or dry?

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    Poll: Do you own a firearm?

    When we had small children at home, I kept a baseball bat by the bed, no firearms or rarely kept firearms in the house. Our choice. When they were older (around middle school), we started to introduce firearms to them when we would visit my parents. My dad would take us out and teach his...
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    ACC and PAC 12 Demise seems close

    Those half cocked Rugers can be a problem though! JK West Coast football is a interesting pastime while SEC/BIG football is a way of life.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine pt XIII

    And God bless those front line soldiers holding the line. It’s the end of May, the fields are drying and weather is getting better. We will see…
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    Mass/Active shooters part 4

    There are already districts in Texas that have armed teachers. It can be done if done correctly. The reason I call a fools errand is that someone with ill intent will just carry more magazines. With a little practice, it doesn’t take long to do a quick mag swap. Also, if 10 is the magic number...
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    Mass/Active shooters part 4

    Thanks. Any politician starting here should have good support. It would mollify the gun control supports (for a while) and it should be reasonable for the 2A supporters.
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    Mass/Active shooters part 4

    I’m using my phone so there might be some thumb errors but here it goes: Solutions: 1. ALL agencies on a common system for background checks, period. 2. If a person is dismissed from ANY law enforcement agency and/or the military, they would barred from owning or purchasing a firearm until...
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    Mass/Active shooters part 4

    One solution I would like to see is government agencies talking to each other more efficiently. We’ve seen too many instances of people with mental issues having access to firearms. During a background check, a person’s mental history, like being dismissed from the military or law enforcement...
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    Mass/Active shooters part 4

    Not disputing the damage done by a .223/5.56 round. I would recommend that you check on damage done by any round. Under 50 yards, a shotgun with 00 buck or a slug will produce more knockdown power than a AR round with a significantly bigger spread making it easier to hit a target vs careful...
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    The MOVIE thread

    No spoiler review please!
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    Josh Pate on Buchner to Bama (video)

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see stories out during the offseason of one or more QB’s working overtime with the a handful of receivers and not just lip service workouts.
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    Deion is on his way to Colorado

    Let’s just say that CU will have an interesting year with Neon and the way he is currently running the program.