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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    Loving this news about these tall WRs. Bryce Young is going to have some fun with these guys!
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    Tua is THE Man in Miami ... so says ESPN, former players, and players in other Miami sports

    The guy is not perfect, but he has as good of head on his shoulders as just about any "high profile" guy you can find anywhere. To be as "good" as he is he's remained pretty humble. As everyone else who loves him, I wish him success and hope he'll make Miami fan's consider DM their #2 QB. I...
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    SEC athletes can use school facilities beginning June 8

    Why? If we have any hope of a season the teams will need to reassemble this summer on campus.
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    What is this "Fear the Thumb" thing?

    So in the midst of a pandemic you dig up a thread about some of our worst times??? I'm just kidding...really it's kinda funny now...hiring CNS changed everything!
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    Bama signs home/home with Arizona

    It's really hard to imagine him coaching at that age...and there's a part of me that can't imagine him not coaching if he's still alive and physically and mentally healthy.
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    SEC athletes can use school facilities beginning June 8

    It would be nice if the NCAA allowed for some additional practice time (since most of the teams had to forgo their spring practices). I know it's assuming way too much that someone with some common sense in the NCAA would think like this. At any's a great sign they are allowing them...
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    Bama signs home/home with Arizona

    I'm glad we schedule that far out, but who knows if some of these games will ever be played. It's hard to fathom, but we could be going thru a down time by then and the current coach/admin might decide to buy them out for different opponents they deem meet our needs better then.
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    Alabama: Name ONLY 1 Alabama PLAYER Per Position

    Wow...that's tough...although you didn't say, I'm going to limit it to those I've seen in my lifetime: QB - Tua RB - Bobby Humphrey (I can still see him running all over Tennessee every TSIO- and in the era, there was none better IMO) WR - Julio Jones - maybe most important player in CNS era...
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    Squirrel battles...

    Earl, growing up outside of Jasper at the place my mom and dad still live, I used to love to kill any type of animal that moved with my high powered pellet gun and later with a 410. My mom always griped about me shooting squirrels. Fast forward about 20 years and I was home at Thanksgiving one...
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    Alabama, Future Scheduling Thread

    Edit...didn't realize this was an old thread and when I opened it the date was a few years ago... Old threads often throw me off.
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    News Article: 3-star tight ends spurns Bama for...Mizzou

    Pretty sure Mac Jones was a 4 star according to the cumulative ratings, but we've had some good players come thru that weren't highly rated. When we offer a 3 star, it's usually because CNS sees something most others don't. As for this kid, let's wait and see. It's possible he just got...
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    Should Taulia transfer to another school? [5/15 It's Official: Taulia to Maryland]

    Agreed. It's hard to accept you maybe can't be as elite as you want to be. I spoke of this earlier. I had "the will" to be great in basketball, but I didn't have the God-given skills needed to succeed at a super-high level. Not saying Lia isn't talented, or he wasn't willing to try, but it...
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    Predict the NCAA decision for 2020 - Part Deux

    Good Barners been running drills, huh? But glad to hear this positive analysis because they'll be 7-5 this year. Anytime they start talking like this they literally fall to pieces. It's when no one is talking them up that they sneak up on folks!
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    Predict the NCAA decision for 2020 - Part Deux

    So can football teams conduct a "spring practice" for 15 days during this time?
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    Agreed. That's exactly who I've compared him to at this stage of his coaching career. A couple years ago he seemed like a bumbling coach who really didn't know what he was doing and then he caught lightning in a bottle last year in a very similar way Chizik did for one special year at the...

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