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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    I think the ones among us who freak out are all part of the fun. Just like people grieve differently, and celebrate differently, I think people ride the recruiting rollercoaster differently. Some people respect a good cork screw twist and some people are irrationally afraid of it, but they make...
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    I thought you were referencing Woods, but I didn’t want to make an assumption.
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 7/18/2022 Thru 7/24/2022

    Is it just me, or does he look like Joe Mulinaro doing a Nick Saban impression in this picture?
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 7/4/2022 Thru 7/10/2022

    Just like they drew it up, triple coverage and all! I love(d) Jake Coker and Ardarius Stewart!
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    JUCO LB Justin Jefferson commits to Bama

    6’1” 210lbs and clocked a 4.34 40, as a LB? Sick.
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    B’ham, is Hubbard a project or is this one of those young men that Saban sees something in that others are missing?
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    BREAKING 4* OT Wilkin Formby commits to Bama

    I read on some “official” sites that he is a confirmed 6’7”.
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    Soooo…you don’t agree?
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 5/23/2022 Thru 5/29/2022

    100%? Isn’t it just common knowledge in the college football world at this point?
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    I like it! He has a good frame, with some decent size already. He has impressive highlights. I think Jam is big on this guy, and obviously Coach Saban is also.
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    That was my first thought, and a QB commit definitely gets things stirring.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    It got deleted. I really wanted to see it.
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    Maybe Bama will lock down one of the top guys they are after and then get another Mac Jones type. A kid who will surprise us with how good he is when his turn finally comes around.
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 5/2/2022 Thru 5/8/2022

    He was a bad dude! He would be called for targeting so many times in today’s game…

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