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    Scheduling in the future SEC.

    The rivalries should take precedence in my view, even the ones that cross conference lines. In other words, the conference shouldn't get so big as to make OOC scheduling impossible. I've been an advocate for a 9-game SEC schedule for a long time now, and if two new schools are brought on board...
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    BREAKING Sec additions–Texas, Oklahoma inquire about joining SEC per report

    Initially, this story/rumor seemed like a result of a slow sports news day. But every few hours a new layer adds credence to it. The latest that I read mentioned this occurring as far out as either 2025, or after the 2025 academic year. Other reports are saying it could happen in a matter of...
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    Teams we have never played

    There are some surprises on that list. Wake Forest and Virginia among them. I would like to see Alabama play Purdue and Air Force.
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    You Are The SEC Commissioner

    If two were added (and I hope they aren’t), I would say that UNC and UV would be most advantageous across the board. Personally, I would rather have Duke or Wake out of Carolina and VaTech from Virginia. I’d also love to see Tulane readmitted just to tick off the corn dogs.
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    Mike Dubose elevated to HC'ing position

    The gators had their shot at revenge....hehehe....
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    Who wins more national championships in the next 10 years.

    I don’t think anyone is planning for Coach Saban to leave, but I do believe they are planning for WHEN he leaves. A plan will be in place that makes sense, unlike when Coach Bryant and Coach Stallings left. That being my premise, I will surmise it will be Alabama, both with and without Nick Saban.
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    Will Alabama win a title in the next 4 years?

    Just one? In four years? My incredulity is only partially facetious. I would literally be shocked if there wasn’t another title in the next four years. I.would be a little surprised even with a two or three year window.
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    Say something nice about Ohio State

    Nice things about OSU: (1) I’d rather have beaten Ohio State than Clemson. (2) They don’t wear orange. (3) They were nice enough not to put up much of a fight.
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    Is this the BEST college football team of all time?

    11-0 against SEC teams. Dominating win over CFP #4, ACC co-champ. Dismantling B1G champion by 28. Yeah, best ever.
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    Should Mac Jones stay?

    If Mac leads the Tide to a National Championship on Monday, about the only thing he could do in another season is win a Heisman or get a career ending injury. I think he should take his chances with the next level.
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    Better job: Notre Dame or Texas?

    But they won’t, or haven’t in the past. So Notre Dame would be the better job as far as being able to do it. Texas would pay better I’m sure.
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    AAC think they are a power conference - Bless their hearts

    I guess that means no member of the AAC would be interested in membership in the ACC, SEC, or Big XII. Okay then.
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    Bama dominates CBS AA Team! Will Reichard 1st Team!!!

    Lost me at Trask. Typical blathering.
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    AAC commissioner: "bring back the BCS"

    To me, the difference is that the human polls were a contributor to the BCS, whereas now the committee has the autonomy to forego any other statistical inputs if it chooses.
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    AAC commissioner: "bring back the BCS"

    I think the BCS formula was better than the committee as well. Not perfect, but better. If the only change to the BCS had been to expand to the top 4 teams instead of just #1 vs. #2, we would have less controversy. Less, but not none. I said when the committee was announced, and I still believe...

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