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    2024 WR Perry Thompson commits to Bama

    He is very aggressive and likes fighting for the ball when it is thrown his way. He flat out gets after it in practice and in games.
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    2024 WR Perry Thompson commits to Bama

    Perry is a good one.
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    He seems like he will be alright. :)
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    Some guys just don't have the "chest" for us.
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    I think it is cool that you designed schools at one time. I always wonder what was the thought process that went in to the design of the school.
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    You are correct, it could, but people will always look at that school and be reminded of what happened there. The kids will no doubt be traumatized every time they walk in the door as well. They already wasted training dollars on those guys, no reason to throw more money at them.
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    They did this with the Sandy Hook school.
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    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    Well, I feel like I am high class on tidefans then. I do feel more educated reading some threads on here. Some of the guys I talk to that go to these other forums don't what is going on. They just kind of throw crap on the wall to see if it is going to stick.
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day to all tidefans dads.
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    Minkah signs new contract, now highest-paid S in NFL history

    I kind of wonder if it wasn’t called because the QB turned his back to him at the last second so the ref just let it go.
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    COVID-19 Vaccines and Related Issues Part XIII

    Looks like you need to mask up @TIDE-HSV.
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    Alabama football No. 3 nationally in NCAA academic rate in FBS as APR scores released's%20four%2Dyear%20APR,2009%2D10%20(932). Ours scores are much better than that fella's team.
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    Political Meme - Cartoon/Joke Thread...Part X

    Bad idea lady. Some people make poor choices.
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    Dang man. It just keeps happening.
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    Mass shootings . . . . pt 2.

    I’m glad they all hate it. You have to supervise the hall in between classes and it is hard to watch inside your classroom when the kids are filing in for class. I guess teachers who carry a gun will have to have it on them all the time. This will scare some kids seeing a teacher with a gun...

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