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    Game Thread: Tua vs. Mac...

    yep, talking heads do it all the time
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    Link: Urban Meyer helps with Bama recruiting

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    CFB memes, tweets. images, jokes, etc.

    Looks who is last on that list
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    Mario Christobal? Chip Kelly?
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    Is Shane Lee injured?

    The fact that he started two years ago and can't sniff the field two years later speaks volumes about the state of our LB roster that season. That could have (dare I say, would have) made a difference in the outcome of the season.
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    Bryce Young signs exclusive podcast deal with Colin Cowherd

    It’s been mentioned here that a lot of these media personalities take a particular stance in order to create controversy and discussion. That’s never more obvious than it is with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. I do find them entertaining. I think their disagreements are so over-the-top that it...
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    Miami - A Word Of Caution

    I’m really glad we have a whole entire thread for this
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    Bryce Young signs exclusive podcast deal with Colin Cowherd

    I actually enjoy listening to Cowherd most of the time. Brando - can't really listen to him -- he's so blatantly anti-Bama. Kannell - I feel like my IQ drops a little when I listen to him. There's a female "reporter" that is always looking to trash Bama, too... I just can't think of her name...
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    Game Thread: Ole Miss vs Louisville (Miss 43-24 Final) (ESPN)

    I believe Ole Miss could be trouble. They may be the #2 team in the west, and will give us all we want. (I’m still not buying that A&M will be really good this year.)
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    Todd McShay's appearance...

    Check out this article from USA TODAY: ESPN reporter Todd McShay stepping away from network to 'focus on my health and my family' EDIT: I see that a similar article was posted...
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    Game Thread: Clemson vs UGA (UGA wins10-3)...

    I appreciate your posts (that I've read, so far). My first impression is that you're a good addition to this board. My thoughts on your responses above is you are not incorrect, but because the opinion of Kirby (specifically his exit) in the eyes of most Bama fans is so bad, you won't find...
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    Let's talk Bama Running Backs (Game 1 Reflections)

    I want to see more Sanders. I thought he looked natural, instinctive, and looked like he had good vision. Perhaps not as explosive as JM and not as powerful as BR. I think they each bring something just a little different. Another thing to note about the running game in general (from...
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 9/6/2021 Thru 9/12/2021

    I also like the quote from his father that is referenced in the article
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    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    YAY! I'll get to watch Mac vs. Tua here in Columbus, GA!!
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    What are your 5 Bold Predictions for 2021

    I’m through with this back and forth. It’s yours.