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    Immigration/Border Security Policy Thread

    I agree, but he knows that he has to out crazy the other MAGAs to win the primary.
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    99, 98, 97 Days Til Kick Off Player Count Down

    If I remember correctly, that was the play that had Gene so hot that Keith Jackson commented, "Ole Bebes is stimulated." 😂
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    Trump Deeds and Misdeeds V 4.0

    Correct, those are the originals at Mar a Lago. He sent Eric down the street to the UPS store and made copies to sell.
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    News Article: Alabama, You've Done it Again, Part III

    One of the main reasons I'll be sticking around Montgomery for the next 8-9 years is because my son will feed into LAMP. #1 in the state and #17 in the nation isn't too bad. That track works a grade ahead starting in Kindergarten. It's a great program.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Issues, Part XII

    I actually coached my son's basketball team against Judd Davis and his son's team a few months back. It was like 55 degrees outside and he walked in with a Pike Road shirt with the sleeves cut off. It was hilarious seeing him on the other bench instructed players like that haha. Yeah, I agree...
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    Alabama: Happy Bracket Day

    Agreed, but I think this team needed a tough draw to get them properly motivated. I was worried about playing a tough mid major or small conference power early in the tourney. Of course, I think there's little chance that this team will string together 4 consistent games to get to New Orleans...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Issues, Part XII

    Hell, that's one of his major liabilities for the nomination now. It will be used against him.
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    The Decline of the G.O.P., Part 4...

    Sounds like he said exactly what he meant.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. UGA, NCG, 1st Half...

    Some of you seem to forget that UGA gives scholly’s to 5 stars too. I’m not the biggest BOB fan but dang, it hasn’t been that bad so far.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. UGA, NCG, 1st Half...

    BOB can’t make them catch it.
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    The MOVIE thread

    Agreed! It's been a while since the audience clapped and cheered so much during a movie. I'm glad I didn't read a lot about it prior to going to see it. There are several surprises that I'm glad weren't ruined.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Issues and Poll, Part X

    Oh boy, I'm getting my booster at noon today. Like you, dose 2 whipped me for a solid 30 or so hours. I've never felt so bad. At least I'll be somewhat prepared for it this time around. My boys (10 and 9) get their first dose today!
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    Game Thread: 2021 World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros

    Yeah, Stubhub was even more absurd for games 3-5, but the prices I quoted were face value prices from the Braves. I know someone that just paid over $800 after fees for 2 face value standing room only tickets. On Stubhub, Chophouse seats were going for $3,300 the other day.
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    Game Thread: 2021 World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros

    I just tried to get game 4 tickets from the public sale on Ticketmaster. They had several tickets left, I just couldn't pay $500 a piece for 300 level or $350 for standing room only tickets. Oh well, I'll enjoy it from my couch.
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    Urban Meyer Video (moved to pro sports)

    At least Kiffin has the good sense to use an alias and fake mustache in those situations. ;)

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