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    Ole Miss Game Time on 9/28

    I'm going to the same game and did some research of my own to make a prediction. My best guess is 6:00 PM kickoff and aired by ESPN. Here's my rationale. If you look back at the past several years of that game, it's only been a 2:30 CBS game in years Ole Miss was a real contender. That's...
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    2020 Prospect: OL Xavier Hill Decommits from Bama

    Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama **** I’d say Alfonse played well below expectations. Green’s ceiling was never quite as high, but aside from the opening catch in OT against LSU, I’m struggling to remember a Green moment. Bozeman gave us good years and I’d say probably lived up to what...
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    2020 Prospect: OL Xavier Hill Decommits from Bama

    Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama **** Those OL classes were pretty bad. Brad Bozeman was the only solid contributor over those two classes. Hopefully this class doesn't end up the same way. And I totally get that guys like Warmack come along. I'm not saying these guys aren't good or...
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    2020 Prospect: OL Xavier Hill Decommits from Bama

    Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama **** Can't disagree with any of that. I guess more than anything, I'm wondering out loud whether this is a product of a relatively weak class of tackles or maybe even the influence of Kyle Flood as offensive line coach. Maybe both. I just can't remember...
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    2020 Prospect: OL Xavier Hill Decommits from Bama

    Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama **** I'm usually on the side of "defer to the staff" on recruits. They're usually solid on their evaluations. I'm just wondering about having three O-line commits in this class and all 3-star guys. And all guys that seem destined for the interior. Given...
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    How is a game at Williams Brice Stadium (South Carolina)

    Was there in 2010. The crowd was electric and the fans were as awful as described earlier. Worst I've seen on the road. That said, I do like Columbia in general.
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    Long Snapper Gabe Pugh accepts Preferred Walk-on Offer to Bama

    Haven't seen anyone post, but Gabe Pugh, a long snapper from Northridge High School in Tuscaloosa, has committed to Bama. My sense he is a preferred walk-on. He's a big kid, about 6'5" and 275 and could have played guard in Division 1. Has been attending the Rubio camps for some time and is...
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    All Star Saban Era team

    Agree with every one of your picks, save one. I’d take Tiffin as kicker.
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    2019 Prospect: 2019 5 star LB Henry To'oto'o chooses Tennessee

    Re: 2019 5 star LB Henry To'oto'o Yeah, I'm pretty sure it would be toh-oh-TOH-oh
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    Alabama could do something never done before this season

    Bit of a teaser title you have there :)
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    Gary Danielson and the "Arrogance" comment

    Yeah, he definitely said the word arrogance several times. I didn’t take it as a negative. I thought he meant that we knew we could do whatever we wanted and played that way. It was interchangeable with swagger for him.
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    Clemson feeling cocky about ATM game?

    Like B1GTide said, it's like everyone forgot how Bama utterly dominated this team last year. Bryant was completely ineffective and the Clemson D-Line played well, but couldn't stop us from scoring with Jalen behind center. I guess the media needs a D-Line to latch on to instead of the...
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    **** 4 star OL Darrian Dalcourt signs with Bama ****

    Re: 4 star OL Darrian Dalcourt commits to Obviously trust the staff and all, but I really have to wonder what accepting his commitment means. Lots of possibilities I suppose: a) he is a true sleeper (ranked #327 by 247) b) we have more spots than some think c) we're missing on someone and we...
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    More Bad News - Terrell Lewis Tears ACL

    Eyabi Anoma
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    So, Who`s Left on the Board?

    I'm hoping we have a shot with Akeem Dent down the stretch. There's been no indication from him that we have a real shot, but I've read we're working hard to flip him.