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    USAToday: With Arch Manning commitment, Texas football could be ready to take SEC by storm

    At least he has the portal to fall back upon when Sarkisian's 5 star athletes underperform again. Texas is a dumpster fire.
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    Herschel is getting a thread

    Elect the sane one. But, given that Orange Cheetoh won in 2016, I don't think many Republican voters care about sanity. My Dad during the 2016 primary season: He's (Trump) a nut! My Dad during the 2016 election season: Has a Trump sign in his front yard.
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    From a Former Republican: How the Democrats Could Win

    The problem we have in this country is that we have a sizable number of operatives(and their followers) who view compromise and "working together" to solve problems as a sign of weakness, and an opportunity to exploit. It's all about winning to these people. No matter how odious, evil...
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    Far-right sends shockwaves in France after electoral breakthrough

    And the far left advanced as well. Leaving Macron(a centrist) struggling to do anything of substance. Remember, we centrists are the bugabears of "neo-liberalism". Meaning: we don't obsess over Marxist windmills nor libertarian magic dust. Not sexy enough.
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    Select Committee on January 6 Insurrection report...

    What are the chances that she mentions the pubic hair on Clarence's Coke?
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    Select Committee on January 6 Insurrection report...

    I can guess how Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch would have ruled. A mockery that would have made Bush v Gore look like a hallowed precedent.
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    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    I would have to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene's speeches qualify as a drag queen performance.
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    Link: Brett surfaces again...

    His posts were hilarious. I have to think he was a troll, and a very good one.
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    Link: Brett surfaces again...

    Except for Fleetwood Mac. But I am in the minority of those who think Fleetwood Mac's best work was with Peter Green and then Bob Welch. ;)
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    Link: Brett surfaces again...

    I wish we could have a "Back for one day only" day on Non-Sports. Bring back NYBF, Nan, Dr. Niles Johannsen, Pyro.
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    Kyle Rittenhouse a hero? Part 2

    Don't you have to steal a laptop first? Cam Newton wants to know.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    My college buddy married a gal from Ponce, PR. He said that in the baggage claim down there, it's a typical thing to see guys jumping on top of the baggage claim and throwing bags. And the emergency lane on the highway is just another traffic lane. Of course, I never drove when I was in...
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    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    Am I going to sound like a broken record? Russia has a huge arsenal of nukes. The reason we never went to war with the Soviet Union was Mutual Assured Destruction.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    College football will become like the NFL. You watch a game, and see multiple players on teams that they didn't play for last year.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine IX

    So Russians are basically Philadelphians. Many years ago, I took in a Cardinals away series with the Phillies. My impression of Philadelphia folks: never say, "Excuse me" when you bump into someone, or walk in front of you in the stands. If you are a cop, your 1st response is always a...

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