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    Did Ben Davis See the Field?

    I have a friend that used to work closely with the team and he told me that some of the coaches used the word "soft" when Davis was mentioned. I hope he gets it together and can contribute. I'm definitely pulling hard for him.
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    Question: Hootie Jones status?

    I haven't even heard his name mentioned. Anybody know if he will be in the safety rotation this season?
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    New coach search...

    I like Marshall, but I absolutely love how animated and excitable Smart is on the sidelines. I truly believe that is what it's going to take to energize our fan base and pack Coleman again.
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    New coach search...

    I don't know what Marshall's decision will be, but I'm really hoping that Smart is waiting to see if he tells us no.
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    New coach search...

    I agree...but I hope it's true
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    New coach search...

    Can the report of Smart being interested be believed? I think he is just what we need here.
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    News Article: College bbal scoring decline and what to do to fix

    Re: College b-ball scoring decline and what to do to fix These bogus charge calls have killed the game for me. Charges and flopping. I can't blame a player for not wanting to drive to the basket for fear of getting a wrongly called charging foul against him. These refs seem to love to call...
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    Poll: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    I like him too, and really want him to succeed here. I would have a little more hope if he seemed to get excited or into the games, but he acts like he doesn't care.
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    Poll: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    I agree. At the beginning of the year I was very optimistic that this year would be different than all of the others. We seemed to have more movement and energy, but that faded as the season continued. Why, I don't know.
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    Game Thread: Alabama vs. Miss. State SEC Network

    Levi needs to be aggressive from the opening tip until the end final buzzer. Why he passes up a wide open three point shot just so Cooper can shoot an airball baffles me.
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    The Final Push: Where We Stand 2/2

    I watched Bell play in one of the lesser known All-Star game and he seemed to get pushed around pretty good, so a year or two in the weight room will do him good. Anfernee Jennings was also in that game and looked good.
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    Game Thread: Miami vs Louisville

    It was Ben Tate that said that. I thought he was nuts, but he has looked pretty good in the NFL.
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    Game Thread: Miami vs Louisville

    I miss the days that I could turn the tv on and know who is playing just by looking at the uniforms.
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    Game Thread: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    What channel is the game on? ABC or ESPN2??
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    LSU signee Malachi Dupre: "Bama's Tony Brown and Marlon Humphrey can't shut me down"

    Re: LSU signee Malachi Dupre: Alabama's Tony Brown and Marlon Humphrey 'can't shut me I think Rivers has transferred to Vandy.

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