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    Today's Question: Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your d

    My wife. It took me 18 years to realize how important she really is to me. The last eight have been great. 26th anniversary next month... Without her??? Lonely...
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    Incredible Interview With Malzhan's Wife(Video) You Won't Believe It When You See It

    Sorry... I just couldn't tolerate more than 45 seconds of a woman like that.
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    Today's Question: You're writing your autobiography. What's your opening sentence?

    Uh oh. Once again, my past creeps up on me out of the blue...
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    Link: Large Naked Woman Stomps Car

    I'm not sure the driver noticed the chin hair...
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    Today's Question: What type of music do you listen to most?

    Mostly smooth jazz. Some classic rock. Some country. Some oldies.
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    Saban Dominance Is Reaching New Heights...

    Another good article Larry! ROLL TIDE!!
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    Today's Question: What's the best place to get outside and enjoy nature?

    Anywhere in Alaska. Everyone should go there at least once.
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    Maybe we are getting over The Bear.

    What's this "getting over" crap? He was a great coach and should always be remembered as such. He didn't just benefit the University of Alabama, he benefited and brought respect to the entire South. Coach Bryant will always have my admiration and respect. Those that can't or won't see that fact...
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    Sylve excited about move to Defense

    I'll trust Coach Saban's judgment.
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    Today's Question: List three political issues you feel strongly about.

    1. Federal government (bureaucracy) needs to be much, much smaller and focus on defending the rights of Americans instead of wasting taxpayer money. Give our states back their power. Term limits would eliminate the professional politicians that have infested congress and state legislature. 2...
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    Today's Question: If you had to make a living by creating art, what would you do?

    I've been playing music for 44 years. The last six in church. Not nearly as smoky and the drunks are quieter. No dance floor means practically no fights.
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    Today's Question: Name a board game that you'll never get tired of.

    My favorite is Strip Trivial Pursuit. Everybody wins!
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    Why AJ was our weapon....

    During several conversations, I told people that our passing game would have to be successful for us to win. Earlier in the year, AJ didn't seem to be much of a threat, especially with the long passes, but he certainly improved throughout the season. His game against Auburn was impressive. He...
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    C.J.Moseley's hip?

    I'll wait. Somebody has to know something.