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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    I keep hoping for recruiting information when I see new posts. Can the LSU thread be moved elsewhere?
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    Should Taulia transfer to another school? [5/15 It's Official: Taulia to Maryland]

    Wish him well wherever he ends up. I think he realized he had no chance to compete with Bryce Young.
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    I have been waiting for the influx of stud wide receivers with Bryce Young here. I thought it would have begun last year. I don't know why any of the top guys would not want to play with that guy.
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    2021 first round WR

    I feel confident that Alabama will have more guys drafted in the 1st round next year than this year. locks: Surtain, Waddle, Smith strong possiblity: Leatherwood, Moses, Harris
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    welcome to the ultimate recruiting day

    To add on this. Here is why recruits should still flock to Alabama.
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    JessN: Saban’s going nowhere, but we like for you to be prepared

    If you have read some of his comments, I think it cements the fact that he needs to be coaching to have joy in his life. I think he is lost without coaching. He will be around a while.
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    The Eight-Team Playoff Is (Probably) Just Around The Corner

    As an Alabama fan I am all for it. I am tired of sweating out each game knowing a loss might knock us out due to Bama fatigue. I would love to see 8 teams in the playoff. I think the playoff could be pretty exciting with 8 teams in it.
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    What’s Up with 2021 Recruiting Class

    I would say that is the $100,000 question.
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    Ed Orgeron Files for Divorce

    Don't like to see that. Whether friend of foe. This article is a good read. Rough life for his wife.
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    Kira and Petty to go through the NBA draft process ...

    Petty is not getting drafted in any mock draft I have seen. He needs to come back and improve his game.
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    I will just be pumped for a 2nd commit to the 2021 class.:LOL:
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    Please pray for me, I had a come to Jesus moment on Sunday.

    Congratulations on your decision. As you grow closer to Him you will be able to get past your anxiety and depression. Get in His word daily so you know who watches over you.
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    Will OJ Howard now blossom?

    Better chance now that the QB throwing him the ball throws it to him and not the other team.:p
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    Spring Practice Predictions

    The guys at Rivals seem to think Bryce will be playing this year; if not starting at some point.

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