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    UCLA and USC WILL Join the B1G in 2024

    I don’t see the acc going anywhere bc of the grant of rights deal. As I understand it the only way to exit such a deal (and collect any tv revenue for the duration of the deal) is if the conference itself dissolves and seeing how no one wants a third or more of their teams that’s not gonna...
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    BREAKING 4 Star QB Eli Holstein Commits to Alabama

    Not too shabby. About the same as Shaun Alexander and Jalen hurts
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    UAB's Bill Clark stepping down due to health concerns

    As someone who had back surgery last year and at some point will have to have the surgery he’s gonna have I can honestly say this is the right move. The pain is total and inescapable. Good for him for making it as long as he did but once they fuse that’s a wrap for any kind of mobility and/or...
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    Question: Do we stand a chance with Arch Manning?

    Happy it wasn’t Georgia. I’m sure Texas will find a way to squander his talents. RTR
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    So far he’s made visits to usc and Texas but not to Bama. If we don’t get a visit I’d imagine we’re outta the running. The only for sure thing is everyone thinks they’re getting him apparently
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Deets plzzz
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    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    My grandfather was an engineer for the Mississippi highway dept and he always said that particular stretch was like that bc of politicians and kick backs. Wasn’t supposed to go thru laurel im guessing
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    So what is the status of Jeremy Pruitt’s coaching future?

    I think urban really has gone bananas. He had “it” at one point but I think whatever health thing he was struggling with changed his personality or mental makeup. Kinda like people with traumatic brain injuries but on a much smaller scale. I don’t think he’s capable of coaching effectively...
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    So what is the status of Jeremy Pruitt’s coaching future?

    I mean if you’re cool with monsters that staff would be phenomenal hires tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not for me nor us but they’d be darn good. That’s a nightmare scenario for us really
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Soooo are we talking to this kid? Haha a wr rotation of burton, Addison, and harrell would be the best in cfb and possibly the 2nd to 4th best wr room in Bama history. With Bryce, gibbs, a functional oline and even a remotely dependable te we would be unfreakingstopable. Someone cut him a...
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    I love this for us. If they keep the rules like this I think they’ve (ncaa) added 5 years ish to Sabans career. Like Bryant Saban is gonna go till he can’t compete at the top anymore and what usually gets older coaches in the end is subpar recruiting. If we can just fill gaps in perpetuity I...
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    Agiye Hall gone

    Agreed. He’d be their second or third best receiver the day he stepped foot on campus and they’ve said they’re gonna take 38 overall transfers this year. and their coach has experience with getting the most out of immature players. Rattler wasn’t great but he wasn’t terrible and that’s with most...
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    Agiye Hall gone

    I can’t speak for what I would or wouldn’t do in his position bc I don’t know him or his life or where he’s at in his journey in growing up. Frankly it’s none of my business bc it is not in fact my opportunity. it takes some longer than others to mature. Sometimes you have to learn the lesson...
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    Agiye Hall gone

    For sure. He’s saying news to me but ohhhhhhh kayyyyy. Like when the youths say ‘but go off’ after they say you’re wrong or whatever. Unless they didn’t tell him before they did it (highly unlikely) I imagine someone jumped the gun here. He’s still in classes which means he’s still on...
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    News Article: NCAA to review NIL policies...

    I don’t really see what they can do. Any kind of capping will end in a lawsuit and when it comes to nil how could you possibly determine if it’s legitimate when the very idea isnt policeable. You can load up on one class but the idea you could buy a number 1 class every year isn’t reality. These...

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