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    Nick Saban’s Contract Extended Through the 2028 Season

    Saban's annual base salary of $275,000 and talent fee (currently at $8.425 million) will increase annually in unspecified amounts, with a contract completion bonus of $800,000 payable at the end of the 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 contract years. Gotta think that's something to motivate him...
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    Alabama Fans have been pronouncing Jaylen Waddle's name wrong..

    My mom is a speech teacher and I knew how to say his name right, but folks kept correcting me LOL even when iw as right.
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    Keilan Robinson enters the Transfer Portal

    I doubt it though.
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    New "1 mile" rule could boost some coaches relationships with recruits

    The rule isn't new of coaches living close to the campus?
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    Keilan Robinson enters the Transfer Portal

    I was not expecting this as well. Kid had a chance to find playing time on the field as RB/ WR. Gotta think he didn't feel like he was right fit with new scheme at Alabama.
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    LSU's TJ Finley in Transfer Portal (edit, he's going to Abuurn)

    You said same thing I just said and I didn't even read whole thread. Excellent observation.
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    LSU's TJ Finley in Transfer Portal (edit, he's going to Abuurn)

    If TJ was smart, he wouldn't come to Alabama. He would compete with Milroe and Simpson for next few years... and with Bryce locked on job... The way I look at it.. If they're bringing TJ in, then it means Tyson/Milroe isnt' ready. Young will have the job for two years, so I'm not sure...
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    I think it has to do with JTT... if so, that would mean Henry Too too is out.
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    BREAKING NFL Draft rounds 4-7 Is anybody actually paying attention?

    I actualy don't think we'll see any Bama players getting drafted ... all probably will go undrafted including Dylan moses. I hope I"m wrong.
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    Falcons sign AJ McCarron.

    Why everyone thinks that Aj is okay with being back up QB and not have to suffer physical injuries? That may not be his mindset. I actually think he will get some chance to show he still has it.
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    Having a hard time understanding the narrative against Mac Jones and the athletic QB requirement

    i assure you that it's the folks doing the talking are the one whos' on tv and the fans. NFL GM and Owners ignore that part.
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    Xavier Worthy asking for release from Michigan

    This xavier kid will do well under sark's offense.
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    Josh Primo also testing NBA waters

    I agree, he's not ready, but I wouldn't be shocked to see him as a late 1st round pick. If he is a 1st round pick, he's gone.
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    From ESPN, a second pro day for Mac...

    Every year, we hear noises like this where it create doubts in people's mind. We went through that with Tua.. WE heard so much about him dropping out of 1st round, etc. Same thing