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    Florida hires Louisiana's Billy Napier as new Head Football Coach

    They should have hired Malzahn😂
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    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    Alabama football: 1978 Sugar Bowl Non-Alabama: Braves vs Pirates NLCS (Sid Bream slide)
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    Conspiracies, Disinformation, and Misinformation by Russians and Others

    CNN+ was "no-more" before it even launched. They honestly believed people would subscribe to that garbage. CNN is a JOKE!
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Issues, Part XII

    DeSantis made the right call allowing kids to go back to school. Best Governor in America!
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    "According to the release from an official with the Pa. High School Football Coaches Association, White was told by Texas A&M that his Name, Image and Likeness money would be withheld if he participated in the Memorial Day event." Wait, I thought Jimbo said.... nevermind 🤣🤣🤣
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    Offseason Thread: When Saban Retires -- Who?

    Ditto, Napier would be my choice. I think we're three to five years away. I have a feeling he is going to be successful at Florida just as he was in Louisiana. He runs his programs as close to CNS as anyone. My hope is that he has some successful years in Florida. If so, I think he would jump on...
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    Clemson looks bad... incredibly bad. (Clemson Spring Game)

    Say it isn't so🤣🤣😂
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    Tyler Harrell commits to Bama

    Roll Tide and welcome aboard TH😁👍🏻
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    Link: Jim Harbaugh To The Packers??

    Okay, I was totally fooled by this thread. I started reading before I noticed the dates 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama v. Bama, 4/16/22, SEC+, ESPN+...

    JoJo Earl has dropped dropped dropped today 👎

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