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    Photo thread - Part II

    the adirondack balloon festival is this weekend, here are some shots from my backyard
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL PREGAME THREAD - Bama vs. Vandy, 6:30 CDT, SECN...

    Roll Tide! in a frost advisory for tonight, there was snow last night an hours drive north of is coming LOL
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    Photo thread - Part II

    the big dipper tonight low on the horizon, just getting started with astrophotography so its a beginner pic.
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    Coach Herm Edwards out at Arizona State

    wow, that is colder than a mother in laws love....................
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    Photo thread - Part II

    some wildflowers i saw in my field a couple of days ago
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    Did Harsin’s seat just get very hot?

    Meanwhile down in Aubren......................
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    Game Thread: FSU @ Louisville (Friday 9/16 | ESPN @ 630p CT)

    Sounds like someone possibly muffled the problem with duct tape lol
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    Iowa teen who killed rapist sentenced, ordered to pay $150K

    wow.............just wow, i have no words
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Texas, 1st Half...

    roll tide from upstate NY!!!!!
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    Photo thread - Part II

    hey @Bazza I will see your anole and raise you a katydid hanging out on my front porch this morning LOL.
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    Price of Gas II

    $4.09 here in the tax me state of NY
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    It’s officially texas hate week

    that should have come with a warning LOL my retinas are toast now.
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    It’s officially texas hate week

    I was married to a texan for 13 years, hating them is easy peasy. Roll Tide
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    Game Thread: Clemson vs Georgia Tech (9/5 ESPN @ 7:00p CT)

    I feel dirty just listening to those announcers gush on clempson LOL, i wont be watching this very long.

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