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    NBA Draft 2022

    Wallace was a better player coming in (and going out). He was after all national HS player of the year.
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    Climate News & Discussion: Part 2
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    Price of gas

    The Trump revision was only in place 4 years, so I don’t know how that may have affected vehicle offerings. Good thing it wasn’t eight years
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    Select Committee on January 6 Insurrection report...

    Voltaire said something along the line of if you can people to believe absurdities then they’ll commit atrocities
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    Select Committee on January 6 Insurrection report...

    Thank you for the Joe Friday flashback :)
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    Price of gas
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    Price of gas

    I get that all, but to date there has been no integrated strategy and plan. It's not like nobody's doing it
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    Price of gas

    The answer to my question, though, is still neither. I've never heard any pol say we need a long-term energy plan. And by long term I'm talking 50+ years. And you can't say the green new deal was a plan - plans actually can work and are generally feasible.
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    Price of gas

    Which party has said we need a long term energy plan? I think the answer is neither.
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    Bama vs Utex

    That’s La Grange. Ray Wylie’s snake farm is near New Braunfels.

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