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    Video: Tua feeling 100% !

    Tua is as opposite of a "System QB" as a QB can be..A system QB doesn't have near the accuracy or touch that Tua..Tua is what you call an "Elite QB"..
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    Best job of calling a game by a Bama OC or DC

    Coach Steele gets an honorable mention as our DC..I liked our D under Coach Steele.
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    Video: Tua feeling 100% !

    Exactly..He deserves a good "Shut The Hell Up Coach", but, you truly cannot argue with Stupid..
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    Favorite Bama assistant coach not named Stallings or Moore?

    I do know it was the trap, but, so sounded like Trout play.. LOL
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    Favorite Bama assistant coach not named Stallings or Moore?

    Yup..He gets my vote cause he likes to run "The Trout Play".. LOL
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    Alabama: Latest Bama News 2/3/2020 Thru TBD

    He's definitely got the talent to be better than Gronk if he leaves no doubts on the football field..
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    Best job of calling a game by a Bama OC or DC

    Yup..He schooled The Big Orange Nation that game & gets my vote.
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    Favorite play in Alabama history

    All the plays mentioned are all worthy..I mentioned The Prothro Catch only because it happened during dark days of Bama Football & it gave us all a sense of pride like no other cause Bama Football was a dumpster fire during those days.
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    Favorite play in Alabama history

    My vote goes to Prothro catching the ball on that southern miss defenders helmet
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    Link: Ummm, we have a kicker for this class! Chase Allen

    Wish we could hire Chris Sailer on our coaching staff..
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    18 vs 20 Defense

    Yup.. Sometimes it takes a season for an assistant to mesh with his player's & for his player's to mesh with him as their position coach..
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    Video: Get to know new WR signee, Traeshon Holden

    The Blue Chip talent keeps coming as "The Process" rolls along. It's going to be fun watching these young studs on the football field..
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    Question: Should Bama have taken a knee at end of Citrus Bowl instead of scoring?

    Nope..Our player's despite not playing for the NC, worked their backsides off this year, Najee earned that TD that last drive & wasn't going to be denied..Plus.. As others have pointed out there was message sent to Coach Shirtless Sleepover & that message was don't mess with The Crimson Tide in...
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    JessN: Playing the “what-if” game with Alabama’s 2020 roster

    Exactly..Even If Tua announces he's turning Pro & the others declare for The Pro's as well..With just the sheer number of young talent we'll have coming back, will all have went through a full season at Bama & with the young studs our Coaching Staff will be bringing in this last recruiting...
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    Pick the score: Alabama vs. Michigan

    45 - 20 Bama of course..

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