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    Question: Barn Hate Week: How good are they?

    You would think we'd curb stomp The Barn, but, Gus's offense has given Coach Saban's D fits too his credit as much as that pains me too admit
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    Link: Bad, bad headline and article for LSU (USA Today)

    No matter the team , no matter who the player is, I hate they would treat a Lady like that after being sexually assaulted.. Forget football this is the time you focus on the victim & not your football program.. Shame on y'all Swamp Kittens & your deserve exactly what's going too happen or what...
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    Future at the running back position.

    It's a scary good thought just how good they're going too become after they're in our S&C Program a few years.. It's amazing how big & lean our players looks in the short time they've been under Coach Ballou..
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    Link: Mac Jones the next Joe Burrow?

    I honestly think he's the best pure passer I've seen at Bama, he's making throws on the Pro Level, his throws are like Marino type velocity & accuracy.. It's obvious he's a true student of the game cause it's fun watching him study the field & literally dissect it as it unfolds.. His...
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    Reminder of what Brando said about Scott Frost

    It's never a good idea too post on Twitter when you're drinking liquor Tim..
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    LSU game (possible rescheduling?)

    Exactly Brad..I was kinda kidding, but, actually serious as a heart attack a well brother..
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    LSU game (possible rescheduling?)

    I'd bet they will have a 3rd outbreak should we reschedule..LOL
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    East vs West

    Bama will kill Florida.. We're playing playing better than any team in the country.. When get too play that is..
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    More postponements (and cancelations) of Week 12 (11/21) games

    That's scary too think about for us suffering from heart failure & obviously not as well conditioned as college football players.. I hate wearing a freaking mask, but, I'm scared not too with this 2nd wave sweeping across the US right now
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    Game Thread: Captain Khaki’s misery (Mich. v. Wisky)

    Exactly..Those shirtless sleepover recruiting weekends doesn't doesn't go over well in the football capital of the world 😂😂😂😂..
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    Game Thread: Tua vs. The Chargers...

    Did any of them besides Marino have a decent Pro Career????..
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    News Article: ESPN: No Outrunning His Past, Steve Sarkisian Ready for Another Head Coaching Job

    He would be my top choice too replace Coach Saban , but, it would be foolish not going after Dabo.. Just cause he's the only HC that's been able to equal Coach Saban on the recruiting trail & winning NC..
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    Link: Awesome Tide (detergent) Quinnen/Bama commercial

    I've always thought Tide should be a major sponsor for The Crimson Tide..The commercials would write themselves..
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    LSU fan melt snippets

    We've had too literally reload every year that Coach Saban has been our HC, but, The Swamp Kittens isn't Alabama & can't reload like The Tide has .. That's got to chap the Swamp Kittens fanbase backsides too no end
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    LSU fan melt snippets

    They do understand what's about too happen too them & this Swamp Kitten is "100% correct..LOL " I haven’t dreaded a game like the one in 2 weeks in a very long time. Them boys from Tuscaloosa are coming with an axe to grind and looking to bury said axe in our chest. " - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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