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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    There is still a long way to go but 5* OT Amarius Mims of GA has named Bama his leader. This would be a huge get over Kirby. Here is a premium article but the headline tells the story...
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    Transfers that have been contacted by Bama

    Thanks for the video. I had not seen his tape and what an upgrade at the 5 if we can get his signature. We need you Bruner!!
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    Here is another article on Micah Moore, top 100 OL from GA. Good news is his parents and he are huge Bama fans. We are looking good.
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    Link: Dre Kirkpatrick cut by Bengals

    He will be picked up. Dre still has a few good years ahead of him.
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    Here is articles for a couple of our targets. Really hoping the Nix family does not have too much influence on KoolAid. Hopefully with Sam Shade coming in as his head coach he will guide him in the right direction...
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    2020 Prospect: 5* G Josh Primo

    Josh is announcing tomorrow and it is down to us and Creighton. Having his Team Canada teammate Ambrose-Hylton already signed helps us IMO. Fingers crossed tomorrow.
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    2021 Prospect: **** 2021 4* LB Deontae Lawson commits to Bama ****

    Here is a 247Sports article with an interview with Deonte's coach. Seems to be a very intelligent player and getting comparisons to CJ Mosley is a very good thing. Check out his tape, a very fast, physical and athletic player...
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    2021 Recruiting Targets

    Good article on Maason Smith, 5* DT. Looks like we are in a good position with him.
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    Spring Practice Predictions

    ' Agreed. He will never play in a louder, more stressful enviroment and that includes Baton Rouge. We are going to have a very good QB under center this year if not great no matter who it is IMO.
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    2022 Prospect: WDE Jermiah Alexander commits to Bama

    In a way too early to be reporting note, a 2023 Thompson player decommits from Tennessee and appears Bama may be his landing spot, of course if he keeps developing the next 3 years...
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    Markail Benton Removed From Online Roster (2nd Time)

    The ILB room was going to be way too big anyway. Not sure if this was a case of him not doing things right or telling him he needed to look elsewhere or a combination of both. Good luck to you Markail.
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    How Do We Measure Success for Next Season?

    Help is on the bench (injured this year) and on the way. We still need a center who can totally protect the rim but these guys will give us something better than we have now IMO. These guys can shoot 3's also.
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    Question: Has college football always been entertainment driven?

    Yep. I think I saw it on the ESPN College Football 150 years series and IIRC they said cars pulled up for the headlights on their cars for when it got dark and more and more began coming to the games due to it's entertainment. Universities then thought they could charge these carloads of...
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    2022 Prospect: WDE Jermiah Alexander commits to Bama

    Yep and from what my old high school coach tells me Thompson recruits about as well as Bama ;) .
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    Spring Practice Predictions

    I think Trey eventually is our #2 RB. He gives us the big run threat that Najee and Brian do not give us. The RB group will possible be the strength of the team.