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    Charles Bediako Commits as Per

    Seems to have a decent set of hands as well.
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    Coach K stepping down after '21-22 season

    Since he played for Bobby Knight, we know he learned from the best . . . on all accounts.
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    What are some games that Alabama was lucky or very fortunate to win?

    and yet we travel to Knoxville the following week and really hand it to the Vols (and an injured Condredge Holloway) 28-6.
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    Game Thread: NCAA Tournament round of 32 - 03/22 Not Alabama games

    It’s time for the universe to strike back. Go Big Blue! Sorry Big.
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    Game Thread: NCAA Tournament round of 32 - 03/22 Not Alabama games

    They defend the perimeter with a ferocity that borders on anger. I’m not sure how we would attack them.
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    Happy 2nd and 26th day

    I think Mike Gundy was the color commentator.
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    Games That Felt "Rigged" By Suspiciously Convenient Calls

    The 2002 Iron Bowl fiasco . . . but it always seemed like an inside job rather anything the refs did.
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    Thank You Coach Sark

    What a breathtakingly beautiful game he designed! Thanks for the memories, Coach.
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    2021 Prospect: 4* QB Jalen Milroe flips from Texas & commits to Bama

    He is a very impressive football player. Terrific awareness of the entire field, a great arm and a high running gear in which he effortlessly shifts into when necessary. Hooray for us.
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. Gators...

    Because it was 3rd and 18. Dylan got lost in coverage.
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    Speaking of Georgia (fans talking trash with nothing to show)

    and then drag them back.
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    Question: When was the last time Bama faked a FG or punt?

    and got one of the most favorable spots by the officials.
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    Question: What was your favorite bama sec championship game/moment?

    He did. And I it was because of Tebow. For me, he was the best college football player I had every seen, and I figured, like Jess, that he would find some way to beat us in the end.
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    Heather Cox Richardson - Letters from an American

    It is reassuring to see that the AG of Texas is following the well-worn path to legal salvation. Kiss the ring of the President and ,voila, exhoneration awaits thee.