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    Link: Saban explains NCG loss

    Whenever I think of letting the back ups in the game I am painfully reminded of losing Prothro in a game we were dominating and Shula could have played some of the 2s and let the 1s rest a little. That's not a slam on Saban. I trust him completely. He is THE coach and he has brought back the...
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    Alabama: Down memory lane form UA listserv

    All I remember of CMD is a lot of clapping on the sidelines.
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    Santonio Beard Has Passed Away

    Very sad news. He was a beast in college. I loved the way he ran. Almost as if he was looking for a defender to truck
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    Bama players on NFL all rookie team

    This is awesome. I hope this continues.
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    RB Rotation for next year.... Who ya got?

    I am not bashing BRob with this, but I really don't care who the next one up is. I want to see us not scared to RUN DA BAWL on 3rd and 1.
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    NEW CONTRIBUTOR (New member introduction post)

    I too live in enemy territory. Welcome and ROLL TIDE,
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    What are your top 5 football movies of all time?

    I cannot sit back and watch list after list omit one of the funniest “football” movies of all time go unmentioned. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
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    Question: What's wrong with being a bandwagon fan?

    I did not have the opportunity to attend Alabama. We didn't have the money for any major college and my education after high school was earned on Parris Island, SC. Years later I was able to attend college online. It was the only way I could afford to go to college. At mu 20 year high school...
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    The MOVIE thread

    Do not go see the new Halloween. It was awful. I could have made a better movie with my eyes closed.
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    R.I.P. to my Grandma

    Prayers for you and your family. 100 years. Just think of all she saw in her life.
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    What is Saban going to say to Coach O when LSU comes back to BDS? Wrong answers only.

    He says nothing. He simply looks at the camera and says, "I'm done with this guy." in his best New York accent.
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    Dabo Swinney's Stock Value

    I used to be on the fence about Dabo when he was was winning. But the past couple of years have washed away any positive thoughts I had about him. The way he conducts himself is embarrassing. The whole thing with Ohio St last year was the nail in the coffin.
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    Hello. I’m new here


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