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    NHL anyone?

    WILD one going on right now with the Penguins and Rangers! Penguins had a 2-0 lead. Rangers score 3 goals in 2:42 to take the lead. Penguins tied it up seconds later. 20 Minutes to go.
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    Gene Chizik to coach Birmingham USFL team.

    I’m enjoying this league. Apart from winless Pittsburgh, the teams are evenly matched and there have been plenty of close, exciting finishes. If Bo can be the Stallions’ workhorse at tailback, it will be even more fun to watch!
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    NHL anyone?

    I’m following it. Don’t have a favorite team, but it’s heaps more fun to watch than the NBA. Watching Tampa and Toronto right now. Go American franchise (I guess)! Somewhat unrelated here, and I know this won’t happen, but I would love it if we transform Coleman into a hockey rink when the new...
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    Alabama: Roll Call A Day

    I decided to go at the last minute. Love this team too much! Roll Tide!
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Now it’s a game again. Go figure
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    I lost interest. College basketball is all about getting hot at the right time. It’s weird to me to see a team with 9 losses win it all, but hey, at least it’s not one of our bitter rivals. 👍
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    What About Those Auburn Tigers?

    Thank you Canes!
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    Mac Jones and Najee Harris named to the pro bowl

    It was cool to see Mac and Najee lined up in the backfield together again. Brought back great memories of our best offense ever!
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    Question: Just curious if you are pulling for or against Joe Burrow in Super Bowl

    If Burrow wins, I’ll be happy that Jonah Williams is a Super Bowl champ. If the Rams win, I’ll be happy for A’Shawn (and any other former Tide player on the Rams or Bengals roster whom I can’t think of right now). Either way, it will be a good night for our program. A great night for our program...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Cincinnati, 2nd Half...

    Has Holden played at WR tonight?
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Cincinnati, 2nd Half...

    Great drive so far to start the 4th! RTR!
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    So Who Are Some of Your Favorites From This Year's Team...

    Bryce Young - I want him to be thought of as the best college and pro QB ever. All the wideouts stepping up in Metchie III’s place. BRob and Trey Sanders for reasons already mentioned. DeMarcco Hellams because he’s from DC (I used to live there). It was cool to see him pick off a pass with...
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    Playoff 4 teams in which order?

    In a perfect world, last night would have been a de facto playoff game with no potential second chance for UGA, but I’m glad we are where we are. Roll Tide!
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, SECCG, CBS, 3:00 PM CST...

    No matter what happens, I’m proud of our team for giving us a fun season. With that being said, I have a lot of confidence in our team and I think they can win. Winning this game as an underdog will make it extra special! Roll Tide!

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