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    College Football Coaching Carousel - 2022 edition

    One of our own enters the “cradle of coaches.” Congrats Lance Taylor!
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    Conference Championship Games are now Pointless and Should Cease to Exist

    Good to know I’m not the only one hoping conference title games will one day be scrapped, but of course that will never happen. While I’m at it, let me also post that I wish we would go back to an 11 game regular season schedule. There’s no reason one of our players should risk injury or a...
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    Mike Dubose retires

    Actually he should be 3-0 against Spurrier. That ‘98 game was a heartbreaker. The ‘99 SEC champ game was a 34-7 win.
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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…. Barner style:

    Sorry for coming late to this. I‘ve been too busy enjoying this win! 😉 Good - Everything about the offense. Our receiving corps took a HUGE step forward! I was delighted to see Bond, Law, and Ooooooooooouzts get into the passing game. The familiar guys did well too. Our WR screen game was...
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    Poll: Which of these win/loss scenarios do you prefer?

    It was played at the Liberty Bowl. It might just be my favorite vomiteer football moment not involving us beating them!
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    Great Iron Bowls throughout the years

    I enjoyed 2015. Griffith kicked some clutch field goals, and I think Derrick Henry’s long TD at the end helped him edge out McCaffery for the Heisman. Was anyone here at the 1959 game? YouTube footage of it shows some of our fans trying to bring down a goalpost. It had to be a special win...
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    Poll: Which of these win/loss scenarios do you prefer?

    Except one has a win over an important rival and the other doesn’t. Another one to add to your list would be Tennessee vs. Memphis in 1996. That game and Shaun Alexander’s school rushing record vs. Lsu gave us a fun weekend of college football!
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    Poll: Which of these win/loss scenarios do you prefer?

    I‘ve said this before and I’ll say it again: A win over auburn will make this a good-but-not great season. I remember thinking when CNS got hired that I would be thrilled if he could give us seasons like that. I’m such a product of the Mike Shubose years, I guess.
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    Poll: Which of these win/loss scenarios do you prefer?

    Would you rather have 3 heartbreaking losses to Texas, ATM, and Ole Miss, and wins over Tennessee and LSU? Or do you prefer our current 8-2 record? You can’t choose 10-0 nor 9-1. I know it defies logic to want a worse win/loss record, but we all know that some teams are more fun to beat than...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD, 1st Half - Bama @ Ole Miss...

    Will the start of the game be delayed? I’m seeing a different game with too much time left in the 4th
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    Question: Mississippi game…early thoughts?

    Defense better be ready to make some 4th down stops!
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    Jeff Scott for OC?
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    Georgia - Ohio State (who would you want to win)

    Familiarity breeds contempt, so there’s NO WAY I would pull for one of our $EC rivals to beat a non $EC team!
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    People were asking the same question when McElwain and Nuss were hired. I wouldn’t be surprised if our new coordinators are guys not mentioned in this thread.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama @ LSU...

    One of the few lowlights of CNS’s tenure is losing close games like the one we saw last night, and CBS, Espn, etc will never let us forget about them. Did anyone else catch Kirkstreet saying, “unfortunately I had to be there for that one” when the subject of us beating Norte Dame almost 10 years...

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