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    Photo thread - Part II

    My kids last week at St. Augustine Beach (Butler Beach, really) after a professional family photo shoot. My kids are the two on the right (with my daughter being the one in mid air), the third kid In the pink dress is their cousin.
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    Mental health treatment - we have to do better

    I’m seriously surprised my wife hasn’t turned to alcohol with all the things she hears as a counselor. She talks sometimes about it in generic, clinical terms to me (not mentioning names, etc.) and I’m shocked, even after being married to her over a decade now. She’s been at this going on...
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    Report: Top Southern Baptists stonewalled sex abuse victims - AJC

    My wife has experienced abuse and cover up quite first hand, both in her personal life and professional. Years ago her grandfather, a well known and beloved pastor in Brazil was leading a double life, carrying on a long-term affair with the church organist. My mother in law was a daddy’s girl...
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    2022 RIP Thread

    Mercedes LeAnza (lead creative producer at Amazon Studios) dead at 40. Another death from “my” cancer. Five days older than me. It’s deaths like these that remind me how fortunate I am to be alive and kicking today, especially when it very nearly went south for me twice. I hope her family...
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    Question: Jury duty

    I got called once while I was still living in Athens. I was the very first potential juror released. We’d come in, taken our oaths, been given an idea of the process and procedures, then released for a 30 or so minute break. When we were called back in, I overheard the Judge and one of the...
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    Photo thread - Part II

    Overlook Park in Winter Springs. One of my happy places in the Orlando area.
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    2022 RIP Thread

    Ned Eisenberg of Law & Order: SVU dead at 65. He’d been fighting two rare cancers. Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer, ”my” cancer) and ocular melanoma. He died a couple of weeks back, but I just saw this on a FB support group today.
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    Auto lovers - what's your ride? (post pics)

    Great Scott! Check out this vehicle I saw in Winter Park today. Heavy…
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    Ukraine - ways to help

    My wife is a counselor, with a specialization in trauma, etc. In particular, she is one of a few counselors in the world who are fully certified* EMDR (Eye Movment Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapists. It first developed to help people, military veterans especially, deal with PTSD. It...
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    Bama Hats

    The reports of this thread’s death are greatly exaggerated -Mark Twain (probably)
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    Cancer sucks

    Dealing with cancer myself. I’m one of the fortunate ones, that with an 8% 5-year survival rate with my particular brand, I’m defying the odds at hitting 2 1/2 years since *diagnosis* (God only knows how long I had it before diagnosis since I was diagnosed at stage 3B). My biggest fear is not...
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    Proof of life/an update

    I have no answer either. I’ve known of people to get this same cancer at my stage (or an earlier stage) and they’re dead within a matter of weeks, then I’ve met someone who was diagnosed in 2009 at stage 4, and is still alive and doing well today. Everyone responds differently to different...
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    Proof of life/an update

    A bit of perspective…yesterday was my 40th birthday. On the left was me two years ago on my 38th, just a few weeks removed from my hospital stay, forcing down a Black Forest Cheesecake (which was delicious, but I didn’t have much of an appetite for anything at that time), forcing a smile and...
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    Space - the final frontier (Misc.)

    Just whatever camera is on my iPhone X. Nothing special. :cool:
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    2021 In Memoriam thread

    Agreed. May he Rest In Peace.

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