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  1. Re: How does Tim Williams translate to the NFL?

    There's some talk among so-called NFL draft experts that he could go as high as the top 10 if the 49ers decide to trade down from their #2 pick.
  2. Re: Tua's family moving to Alabama and his baby brother has an offer too

    I love this trend of West Coast/Pacific people moving to Tuscaloosa!
  3. Re: Bengals QB AJ McCarron ready for offseason trade

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing him go to the 49ers, and have Shanahan work with him while he is putting the on-field team back together. It would mean some lean years, but Shanahan would get a guy...
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    Re: Offensive coordinator discussion/odds...

    Now we can Run Daboll?
  5. Re: What's your favorite James Bond thread

    1) Best Bond - Daniel Craig, followed by Sean Connery

    2) Most underrated - Roger Moore

    3) Worst Bond - Timothy Dalton

    4) Best Bond Movie - Skyfall

    5) Most Underrated Movie - Spectre
  6. Link: Re: The Proposed "State of Nickajack"...

    Reading all this as a history guy, coming from the West Coast is very interesting. Our Civil War lessons in high school were more straight to the point in California, or, they connected the Civil War...
  7. Re: Donta' Hightower and 2 Other Patriots Not Going to WH

    I concur with based on my experience of running XC and track in college. I enjoyed it for the competition side of it, and helping the team compete for SEC titles, but it is a job. A friend of mine...
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    Re: Report: Sark to be Named Falcons OC

    I'm with those that believe Chip Kelly is holding out for the NFL, even if it means taking a year off from coaching altogether since he's guaranteed his 49er contract for the next 2-3 years. Even if...
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    Re: Report: Sark to be Named Falcons OC

    What about Lincoln Riley as a potential candidate?
  10. Re: TX family finds rattlesnake in toilet, 23 more under the house

    Just bought a house that backs up into Green Mountain in Huntsville, and my biggest fear that is that I'll have to deal with any snake once we move in.
  11. Poll: Re: What is your favorite sammich to make at the house?

    Salami with fresh mozzarella, mayo, tomatoes, all on toasted sourdough roll. Nothing better, except maybe change out the mozzarella for goat cheese.
  12. Re: You heard it here first -Tide will use dual QB System in 2017

    Not to be Captain Obvious, but I'm sure CNS will have an open competition. If JH wins out, it'll be because he keeps his poise-like qualities, "takes the bull by the horns", and improves his passing...
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    News Article: Re: Californians looking to secede?

    It will not happen IMO. Despite the GDP of California by itself, the amount of welfare it pays for is unbelievable. When your car registration is $500/car per year because your state can't pay its...
  14. Re: Anyone care to offer input on attending UA for daughter of a friend?

    Can't speak for changes in lifestyle prices from Texas to Alabama, but my dad mentioned that even with out-of-state fees, rent, insurance, etc., it was still cheaper for me to go to Alabama than a...
  15. Re: Anyone care to offer input on attending UA for daughter of a friend?

    I graduated with my BA in 2008, and MA in 2010. I had never visited Alabama or Tuscaloosa before I transferred into the University in 2006. So, when I made the move, I was a bit uncertain about what...
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