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    Re: What's your Top 5 right now?

    As of now I'd go with:

    3. Alabama
    4. Penn State
    5. USC
  2. Re: Mom passed away Saturday. But not before she left me a story to tell you guys...

    I am sorry for your loss.
  3. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Colorado St. - 1st Half...

    OL is not playing sharp.
  4. Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Colorado St. - 1st Half...

    Strong start for the men in Crimson.
  5. Re: Beer cans found at HS football game, 75 students ordered to have blood tests

    If a student is in attendance at a school function, this case a football game, they fall under the scope of jurisdiction of the school. Attendance at functions the school has, especially extra...
  6. Re: Les Miles gets up to go to the bathroom during live broadcast, doesn't turn mic o

    Well that's a flush.
  7. Re: Rest in Peace Robert Shirley, a True Alabama Fan

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute about your brother! May the grace of God bless you. You never get over a loss but no one can ever take your precious memories you made.
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    Re: Newbie here!!!

    Welcome to the site!
  9. Re: Same old farts haunting the halls I see.

    Glad you made an appearance here again, thought you had died.
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    Re: LisaAnn

    Welcome to the site. RTR
  11. Re: Prayers for Coach Stallings (minor stroke)

    Well wishes and prayers to Coach Stallings. It was also nice to see that Coach Dye and him are good friends from long ago. It just shows you that you can have a great rivalry on the field but be...
  12. Re: Who Remembers The Birmingham Americans? Paging Alabama Mike...

    Appreicate you posting this PitMaster! Great memories of the the Americans. I still have an old shirt with the Birmingham Americans on it.
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    Re: JUSTIN THOMAS has just won The PGA

    Congratulations to the Bama grad!
  14. Re: Day trip side tracked yesterday: assisted cyclist who was a hit-and-run victim

    Thank you for being a decent human being! It is nice to know that some people care about their fellow human beings.
  15. Re: Sen. Manchin - I don't give a S*** if I get reelected

    I live very close to Huntington, W.V. and Manchin has never been afraid to state his opinion. He is a true, southern Democrat of long ago.
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