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  1. Re: Auburn Booster to Go After Bob Stoops if Auburn Loses Iron Bowl

    Why in the world would Bob Stoops want to coach at Auburn. His legacy is cemented at OU and he would be subjecting that legacy to the prospects of playing A&M, UGA, LSU and Bama every year at the...
  2. Re: Offensive Coordinator Comparison 2019 to 2018

    1. It feels like teams are going to sell out on the run and rely on their secondary to take up the slack. That's why we are burning them on the slants and Tua's numbers are crazy.
    2. A lot of...
  3. Re: Wonderful Story About Harper Lee And Alabama Football - From Wall Street Journal

    Great stuff. I love it when Alabama reaches even the most curious of places, like the heart of Harper Lee.
  4. Re: A boy was bullied for his homemade UT shirt, so the school rallied

    This was a classy move no matter what color the jerseys.
  5. Re: Funnymaine...How Bama Fans Watched Week Two Games 2019

    AS per usual, the first thing I did Sunday morning was look for Funny Maine's clip. Good Stuff!!
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    Re: Joe Alleva on L8U coaching search

    Do be fair to coach O, he has already beaten two top 10 Auburn teams, a top 10 Miami and a very mouthy top 10 UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. Granted all those teams were overrated, but they are still top...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official PreGame Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!! Let get this season started!!!
  8. Re: SIAP: I saw this and thought it was good (Humorous sign)

    Good one!
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    Re: Clemson Celebrates win Over Tech

    Let em celebrate the little ones. This team will get upset this season.
  10. Re: LSU AD Scott Woodward Takes Silly Shot at Saban When Speaking to BR Rotary Club

    As a Baton Rouge born son of two LSU alums, I can only shake my head at the stupidity. They are so butt hurt down there its astonishing. The responses to the twitter feed are classic though!
  11. Re: AAC to eliminate CCG

    They are holding serve until the Big12 makes or doesn't make their move. Expansion the last time was such a jumbled mess that they added teams that shouldn't even have football. They don't want to...
  12. Re: Enos rips Miami Freshman QB after loss to UF

    I watched that game and I saw a porous OL allowing the flood gates to open every time the ball was hiked. This kid is a freshman who can be quickly ruined by bad management. More comments like this...
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    Re: Good luck to my bama friends

    Take care of my children's favorite Bama player of all time. Not a day goes by that someone in my house doesn't say "Go on Jalen!!"
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    Re: Will Nick Saban reign in Tua?

    Tua is a great kid, who had never known defeat until that drumming we took in the NC game. He will wear humility well and do what it takes to get better. I think this season will be light years...
  15. Re: Texas regent still says Nick Saban was coming in 2013

    Texas may have an unlimited supply of money, but they have only won 1 national title in 50 years and they are publicly disparaging the guy that brought it to them. That just doesn't make much sense.
  16. Re: Bama Teams on the 9's - (79, 89, 99, 2009, 2019)

    My other Alma Mater is La Tech and I remember that 99 Bama game like it was yesterday. Tech beat Bama in 1997 too. That being said I feel great about 2019 and what we can accomplish.
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    Re: AAF may fold

    I was big into the AFL around 2004/2006. New Orleans had the VooDoo and there were a lot of house hold names in the league. Just prior to that the AFL2 had put three teams alone in Louisiana and...
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    Re: AAF may fold

    The AFL actually tanked and the AFL2 bought the naming rights and reformed a year later. I used to love the AFL but it pulled a CFL and overextended itself in an effort to go mainstream. Then a...
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    Re: AAF may fold

    That was a good article from ESPN. Really answered a lot of questions I had. I think in the end, it was a poorly executed plan with some great ideas. Somehow I think the XFL is going to work...
  20. Re: Alabama vs LSU Will Not Be CBS Prime Time (First Time Since 2010)

    I think not having Alabama vs. LSU at night is a gross miscarriage of justice!! In reality, its the biggest game of the year by a million miles at my house. My baby brother graduated from LSU the...
  21. Re: St Thomas being kicked out of MIAC for being too good

    If I was St. Thomas, I would be suing the heck out of the MIAC for damages. I know its just DIII but how much money did St. Thomas bring into the conference that they are entitled to? Either way I...
  22. Re: Photo Evidence of Scott Cochran's Impact on Evan Neal

    Odds are good. When you are walking across the parking lot you can visually see he has the second best parking spot there. We all know who has the best:biggrin2:
  23. Re: Photo Evidence of Scott Cochran's Impact on Evan Neal

    Scott Cochran is the best part of Saban's Youth Football Camp. Even my wife walks around the house after the camp jokingly talking like him for a couple of days. He is as good as they get.
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    Re: Coach Mike Leach, professor

    When I see an interview of his pop up on the internet. I immediately stop what I am doing and watch.
  25. Question: Re: (Offseason Topic)- Why do we teach our kids "this" about trash talking in sports?

    I'm raising a linemen. He is routinely the biggest kid on the field. I have taught him not to talk trash, however there are points in the game where I have told him or he has taken it upon himself...
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