Here is my take on Saturday
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    Here is my take on Saturday

    Texas A&M played a fantastic game to start off with, executed their game plan, and did the little things to win. We all knew they would start fast and they did. We all knew that Manziel was evasive and could pass a little better than other running quarterbacks we have seen in the past.

    That being said, I believe Alabama did not do the little fundamental things to win and it cost us in the end. It seems we missed a lot of tackles due to arm tackling. Some of the passes were off and it is easy to blame AJ. Part of me wonders it was if it was some of the route running of the wide receivers though also (I couldn't really see). the timing just seemed off.

    I think we could've done better coaching as well. We have consistently been a run first to set up the past second offense which has been very successful. And I agree we should use the weapons that we have whether it is the wide receivers or running backs. But it almost appears the identity of the offense has changed a little bit to more of a pass first. It sounds like Saban is going to back his offensive coordinator for the play call at the end of the game when we were on the six. It just seems to me with our offense of line and our running backs we could pound it in. That has been our bread and butter for the past few years. But when you think about it we were in position to win the game three different times and didn't execute or were killed by turnover

    The little things really did kill us which led to turn overs. Part of this could've been due to fatigue from playing too highly competitive games the last two weeks. It could've been due to complacency and losing focus on what it takes to win.

    I believe Bama will bounce back but it may be one game too late to get to the national chairmanship game. Last year we did have a little help getting there by other teams losing. Hopefully we have the same type of luck this year. If anything this game teaches us and brings back to reality that it is so difficult to make it through the SEC undefeated. I believe everybody still thinks Bama is the best team but we just fell one week.

    Rolll tide! We need to put the past behind us and finish this season strong.
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