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    Re: ********* Official Other Games Thread **********

    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Webb View Post
    UCLA up 24-7 against USCw.

    I hope USCw can regroup to hammer ND next week. USCw is light years more talented than ND, but USCw had Kiffin as a "coach".
    Would not go as far as saying "light years" more talent. USCw does not play defense nor as a team. IMO ND beats Southern Cal. If USC comes back to beat UCLA, Oregon will beat USC or UCLA if they hang on today.
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    Re: ********* Official Other Games Thread **********

    Les Miles' interviews are always an adventure. Hilarious.

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    Re: ********* Official Other Games Thread **********

    This won't work. We need a separate game thread for each game folks are interested in. Otherwise, members would have to sift all the way through an omnibus thread to find what they're interested in. The other way has worked for many years...
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