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    Re: Sports journalism is in the toilet

    Quote Originally Posted by gtowntide View Post
    We now live in a world where anyone can call themself a journalist and post on the internet. Ever read Bleacher Report?
    They almost always have a survey question on the story page and if you participate, they get another hit which drives advertising revenue.
    They are a prime example of making SEO your top priority.
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    Re: Sports journalism is in the toilet

    Quote Originally Posted by RTR91 View Post
    Big reason: Blogs and "street journalism" has caused the newspaper world to take a hit. While that is happening, many feel those places are still not credible. For Dave to write a blog post about poor sports journalism makes it even more ironic.

    Back in my day we had to put up with the invention of the printing press. Lots of woodcutters and manual copiers took a hit then, too.

    Frankly, the newspaper world deserved every hit they've taken. Instead of doing what they should have done to remain relevant - and that is to put events into perspective and do in-depth analysis on major stories - they have instead gone away from their strengths and given us even briefer coverage all the while charging more and more. And the paltry coverage they provide is of pitifully poor quality.

    Street journalists and bloggers didn't do anything to newspapers that they didn't do to their own stupid pompous selves, IMHO. That's just an excuse for their own failings and shortcomings. They need to quit whining about others and take care of their own house. Some have called for a journalist licensing system to "protect the public". Bull hockey. They want to protect their $$$$, make excuses, and control the conversation. Get with it or good riddance.
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    Re: Sports journalism is in the toilet

    No offense to anyone.....but this type of thread and complaint is just dumb, IMHO. Know why the world is full of people like PF, print first and research later news, and sensationalistic news media?

    Because. We. Tune. In.

    Period. Human beings, as a mass society on the whole, are way too stupid to govern themselves in any fashion. From our eating habits to our politics, our love for chemicals that kill us and our bubble gum entertainment, our courts full of frivolous lawsuits, the ratio of reproduction to lack of education....the list is endless.

    So sit back and enjoy the gluttonous ride until we either kill ourselves off or we sterilize the mental midgets.

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    Re: Sports journalism is in the toilet

    Pretty sure Coach Bryant didn't have a high opinion of journalism back in the day either.
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