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Now quick.....tell me about Oklahoma's national championships on probation in 1955, 1956, and 1974......the first involved illegal tuition payments and the second involved an assistant falsifying a player's transcript

And then they got hit with a probation in 1988 for violations from 1980 to 1987, which would include (wait for it)....1985

So using your own standard, how can OU be one of the top programs of all-time?

Let me be clear: OU IS one of the 4-5 best sw ww2programs. But let's not be ripping on Auburn ("oh, their titles don't count because they cheated" and then lift up Oklahoma, who got hit with probation for 4 of their 7 titles).

Auburn is not a top ten all-time program.

They ARE correctly rated just below that in the 10-20 range. 13th in wins, 18th in pct, and as many SEC titles as Florida
Clarification: our assistant did not change Kerry Jackson's transcript at Galveston Ball. Joe Wooley, the Ball coach changed it with Bill Michael's knowledge.