2025 5* WR Ryan Williams commits


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Nov 13, 2010
#PMARSHONAU: Phillip's Thursday night musings (247sports.com)

"I didn’t believe it and I still don't know for certain, but now I have heard it from a source I consider quite reliable. Wide receiver Ryan Williams apparently will get $2 million-plus for signing with Alabama. I doubt Auburn was willing to go that high. Will he be worth it? I don’t believe any high school player is worth that kind of money. It’s perfectly legal, but it’s another sign of just how out of control the whole NIL thing is."

This is Marshall as a jounalist in a nutshell. He is uncertain about his reliable source but has no issues posting this hearsay as if it is true.
the barn and their cult can't get over the fact Williams, a barn legacy would rather play for their arch nemesis than their beloved program. To make them feel better about themselves and soothe their pain, the justification was Alabama had to pay more for Ryan's service.
To make matters worse, Ryan is b2b Mr. Alabama Football, an unprecedented feat esp. considering he received the award as a sophomore and junior!! Their highly prized WRs tandem received no such accolades!! Ouch..
Any comment by ole yella teeth has to be taken with a grain of salt......:rolleyes:
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Jul 7, 2010
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Without a doubt, Ryan Williams NIL compensation will be considerable and 2 million (over 3-4) years is realistic (if not an under estimate should be blown up as most expect he will). And Yes auburn would have gone that high.

Never believe the NIL numbers when you hear them. Almost always inaccurate or misreported.