Bama Game Thread: Alabama-Clemson 11.28.23 - 8:30 CST, ESPN


Jan 28, 2005

@Tide&True, CNO talked mainly about their focus on defense:

We’re trying to get the defense figured out ... But our defense is still nowhere close to where we need it to be. I think everyone’s seen our offense is good enough to win every game if our defense was where it’s supposed to be. So until we get our defense to where it needs to be, that’s going to be the main point of emphasis moving forward...
... So I think sometimes it’s just guys got to determine that they’re going to take the defensive end seriously, that it’s a big deal to them, that it’s important for us to win that they play well on defense and they can just change their mindset.
“As soon as we get about eight or nine guys with that mindset, I think we’ll be pretty good. I thought we had a good practice today. I’m going to keep saying it and we’re going to try to keep coaching it, but you’ve got to get seven, eight, maybe nine guys locked in on defense, you got a chance to be good...


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Mar 30, 2015
Not sure why we're getting bumped for a blowout. If it were Bama blowing someone out, we would be relegated to ESPN news for the end. I believe it happened last year, actually.
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