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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
I find so much funny stuff online that I've difficulty finding a spot for, figured I'd just start a thread. Post funny stuff (that abides by the TF rules, of course) here...

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Going into that games UF had a 7-2 Record in SECCG's and was 4-2 vs Alabama

Since that 2009 SECCG loss:

UF has Lost 50 Games and Won 3 East Division Titles.

They Lost all 3 subsequent SECCG's to Alabama by an Avg score of 45-25

UF now has a 7-6 SECCG record and is 4-6 vs Alabama

Bama is now 9-4 in the SECCG and is 6-4 vs UF

It was absolutely the Changing of the Guard for the SEC

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