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Mar 13, 2001
Breaux Bridge, La
I've heard a lot of theories about the inexplicable rash of injuries. I doubt there is a single cause, I do think that historically Bama has had a lot of tough players, more in the line with McLain, Hightower, and Shane Lee, but more and more we are looking for speed and those guys are more slightly built, and therefore breakable. I think they need to take a hard look at practice methods. The last two seasons we lost too much before the first game to reasonably replace. Other schools are not having this issue so somethings got to change. Perhaps kids today are just not strong enough to do what kids in the past did, either that or they are so big and strong that they are killing each other just by falling on each other in piles.

Then again our tackling has been excruciatingly bad this year, so heck I don't know what to do. Just find out why Barmore is the way he is and find a bunch more guys like that.
The Florida Defense says "hi"