FINALLY - someone in "national media" gets it (mostly) right about Brandon Miller (SI had it too and deleted it)...


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May 25, 2003
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Not at all, just literally fed up with buddies who won't stop talking about how the NYT is lying about Spears but don't really understand how to read reporting, been following this thread hoping for developments towards resolution either way. I'd put money on the libel case never getting filed, but not big money.
Good thing it wasn't big money (if you did bet on it).


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Apr 6, 2023
Good thing it wasn't big money (if you did bet on it).
Wow, just following up on this now, I missed that they did file a suit alleging defamation and libel. Apparently the suit was the first time Cooper Lee was publicly named as the other person actually in the car, and the NYT followed up to verify (and Lee confirmed), and issued a retraction. I kind of hope the suit goes forward, it would be interesting to see what sources gave bad info to the Times and why, and why the info about Lee never made its way to the reporter if Spears and others knew. Seems like the confusion stemmed from Spears being in the car with Miller that evening, just not when the gunfire erupted, which would explain the denials that struck me as odd.
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