Karma for Riley...


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Feb 22, 2017
It's funny I think Caleb Williams is very good but he seems to have some of the same struggles as Rattler did at times. Doesn't really know how to navigate the pocket and backs up too far then bails too early. He's just a better athlete than Rattler and covers it better


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Apr 9, 1999
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I know, as a grandpa and a great grandpa, I'm supposed to be an example for all my kids. It's not nice to laugh at someone else's misfortune. Well sorry kids, Lincoln just got him a big ole steamy slice of karma! Thank You Utah.
As Benevolent Dictator, I absolve you from all guilt. It is perfectly okay to laugh at people like Riley.


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Oct 14, 2009
Riley teams are as predictable as a broken record, great offense until they need it in a big game and pathetic tackling. Did y'all hear Riley said that Caleb Williams wouldn't come out even though he was "not even close to 50%." He said, "he wouldn't let me take him out." Let me? Since when does a coach have to ask the QB if he wants to come out? It's the coach's decision, and at some point, the coach has to do what's best for the team.
Yeah…if you’re a “coach”.

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