Let the Madness begin - How Bama makes it to the playoffs…..

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Mar 31, 2000
Hey everyone, look at the bright side!!!

You know how every year we're prepping a playoff and damned if other not good schools are pilfering our coaches?

We don't have to worry about that this year!!!!


It's in the eye of the beholder whether it's because:
a) we ain't in the playoff
b) our coordinators aren't any good
c) some combination of a and b


Oct 19, 2022
Gives Saban a little more time recruiting. Hope he uses all this Bama hate as motivation in the Sugar Bowl. That Oklahoma game still gripes me.


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Apr 9, 2011
yes, seeing as how my work is done and it played out exactly how I said(that TCU didn't even fall below
Ohio State), I will likely exit this thread lol.....
So you do not want to bet or accept my offer?

5k for you to win 15k…you get #3 tcu I get the field you get 3 to 1…come on if you really believe any of your bs and that yall belong easy money…shoot our #2s and #3s are going to be favored over ksu the team that beat yall yesterday with their backup qb and #1 wr knowles out so you keep smoking whatever you are smoking

b12 is weak this year
b12 0-4 cfp
b12 zero national championships 15+ years

competition level is not the same

guessing since #16 tulane 11-2 played 1 ranked team this year and beat them that team was ksu and ksu beat yall with backup qb and missing #1 wr
ksu is the b12 champ
why are they only ranked #16?

jsu and utsa both are 10-2 ranked #24, #25 why?

b12 is weak this year tcu is not #3 in the country

*talk is cheap and we both know you will never take any bets that require you to stand behind your opinions and posts also when yall get pounded you won’t be back



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Mar 13, 2001
Breaux Bridge, La
Gonna lock this one. It’s beyond served its purpose. Thanks to everyone. This was greatly therapeutic for me and hopefully it was for you. Hope is a powerful motivator at times. Gave me some new perspectives on the season. Do we deserve to be in the playoffs? Probably not. We’re we one of the 4 best? Of course. Roll Tide
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