NCAA sets timetable for dramatic overhaul of how it governs collegiate athletics


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Apr 26, 2008
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How has State managed come away unscathed twice? They were in on the $Cam sweepstakes and this Ole Miss case, but nothing happened to them. Not even an investigation of any kind.
The funny thing is that Leo Lewis presented evidence that Ole Miss, Alabama, and Mississippi St were all allegedly in a bidding war for him. There was very little actual proof that any of it actually happened, and there is more proof that Dan Mullen encouraged him to talk to the NCAA in the first place to bring down Ole Miss.

But again… you have to wonder if Hugh’s phone records were never uncovered if Ole Miss would’ve ever self imposed themselves with the actual evidence that was provided.

Also the Leo Lewis case is why I don’t get so hyped up when a rival may have been cheating. Because during these witch hunts there is a lot of finger pointing and when it’s over we might be the one burning at the stake. Remember Tennessee was being investigated for cheating and it all of sudden morphed into “well look at what Alabama is doing in Memphis “
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Oct 8, 2018
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Here is a serious question, If the ncaa goes away like we think it will,what happens to theses teams that are being investigated like UT,LSU, Arizona State etc. If there's no one to govern them does it all go away? With UT's luck probally so and it gets slept under the rug