BBQ / Meat: Perfect Tailgate Ribs - Cook during the game without having to tend to them


Oct 29, 2010
Lower Alabama
Brush both sides of ribs with olive oil
Sprinkle and rub dry mix onto both sides of ribs
Wrap each slab completely in Saran wrap; overlap as necessary to ensure slab is completely wrapped in Saran wrap
Then wrap the Saran-wrap-covered slab completely in aluminum foil; overlap as necessary to ensure exposed Saran wrap is completely covered in foil
Place each slab in center of your grill
Cook at 225-250 degrees for 2.5 - 3 hours (or longer); No need to turn during cooking!
This is key - no shorter than 2.5 hours; no hotter than 250 degrees
Remove from grill and carefully remove foil and Saran wrap

I eat the ribs as they are; my wife coats her's with barbeque sauce
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