Tide Fans NSD 2008 Alabama Signing Class

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2008 Alabama Signing Class

Alabama signed 30 prospects on NSD.

Bama Mag: 2008 Alabama Commit/Signee List

Bama On Line: 2008 Alabama Commit/Signee List

Previous Tide Fans 2008 Alabama Commitments and Prospects List thread

:BigA: (The total number of signees does not include K Corey Smith and WR Chris Jackson. They both have already signed an LOI and are enrolled and are on campus. Both of them will be back counted to 2007. The total also does not include DE Demerius Dareus who signed an LOI but will most likely go to JUCO and QB Morgan Ogilvie who is a walk-on with a Bryant scholarship.)


:BigA: Signed LOI (3)
Star Jackson - Lake Worth, FL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Morgan Ogilvie - Mountain Brook, AL. (ALABAMA WALK-ON - BRYANT SCHOLARSHIP)
Brad Smelley - Northport, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***


:BigA: Signed LOI (3)
Mark Barron - Mobile, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Devonta Bolton - Norcross, GA. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Burton Scott - Prichard, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Running Backs:

:BigA: Signed LOI (4)
Mark Ingram - Flint, MI. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Chris Jordan - Brentwood, TN. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Ivan Matchett - Mobile, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Jermaine Preyear - Mobile, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Wide Receivers:

:BigA: Signed LOI (4)
Destin Hood - Mobile, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Chris Jackson - McDonough, GA. *** (ENROLLED AT ALABAMA - 2007 Backcounter) ***
Julio Jones - Foley, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Melvin Ray - Tallahassee, FL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Tight Ends:

:BigA: Signed LOI (1)
Michael Williams - Reform, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Offensive Linemen:

:BigA: Signed LOI (3)
John Michael Boswell - Northport, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Barrett Jones - Memphis, TN. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Tyler Love - Mountain Brook, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Defensive Tackles:

:BigA: Signed LOI (4)
Terrence Cody - Fort Myers, FL. via *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Marcel Dareus - Birmingham, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Kerry Murphy - Hoover, AL. via (Prep Hargrave MA) *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Damion Square - Houston, TX. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Defensive Ends:

:BigA: Signed LOI (4)
Undra Billingsley - Birmingham, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Demerius Dareus - Birmingham, AL. *** (ALABAMA - LOI SIGNED? - Headed to JUCO) ***
Glenn Harbin - Mobile, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Brandon Lewis - Pleasant Grove, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***


:BigA: Signed LOI (3)
Jerrell Harris - Gadsden, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Don'ta Hightower - Lewisburg, TN. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Courtney Upshaw - Eufaula, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***

Defensive Backs:

:BigA: Signed LOI (4)
Robby Green - River Ridge, LA. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Alonzo Lawrence - Lucedale, MS. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Robert Lester - Foley, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***
Wesley Neighbors - Huntsville, AL. *** (ALABAMA LOI SIGNED) ***


:BigA: Signed LOI (1)
Corey Smith - Bunker Hill, WV. *** (ENROLLED AT ALABAMA - 2007 Backcounter) ***
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Nov 10, 2003
Re: NSD 2008 Alabama LOI Signee List (Updated)

We will update this list throughout the day. Feel free to make comments throughout this thread, but revert back to this post to see the official list.

1. Corey Smith (enrolled, backcounter towards 2007)
2. Chris Jackson (enrolled, backcounter towards 2007)
3. Melvin Ray
4. Devonta Bolton
5. Barrett Jones
6. Robby Green
7. Dont'a Hightower
8. Chris Jordan
9. Mark Barron
10. Brad Smelley
11. Destin Hood
12. Jermaine Preyear
13. Damion Square
14. Ivan Matchett
15. Tyler Love
16. Undra Billingsley
17. Glenn Harbin
18. Courtney Upshaw
19. Wesley Neighbors
20. Michael Williams
21. Brandon Lewis
22. Alonzo Lawrence
23. John Michael Boswell
24. Burton Scott
25. Mark Ingram
26. Marcel Dareus
27. Robert Lester
28. Julio Jones
29. Kerry Murphy
30. Terrence Cody
31. Star Jackson
32. Jerrell Harris
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Jul 14, 2001
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RollTide.com: Crimson Tide Adds 32 Football Signees

RollTide.com: 2008 National Signing Day - Crimson Tide Adds 32 Football Signees w/ Press Conference Quotes, Signee Bios, and Photo Gallery
University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban announced today that 30 student-athletes have signed national letters of intent to play football with the Crimson Tide, joining two players who enrolled at the Capstone in January and will compete in spring practice later this semester.

The 32 players come from nine states – Alabama (19), Florida (2), Georgia (2), Louisiana (1), Michigan (1), Mississippi (2), Tennessee (3), Texas (1) and West Virginia (1).

As listed by position, the Crimson Tide add to their roster seven defensive linemen, five defensive backs, five receivers, four running backs, three linebackers, three offensive linemen, one quarterback, one kicker, one tight end/wide receiver, one tight end/defensive end and one player designated an overall athlete – though several of the players played multiple positions in high school and could move to other positions once they arrive on campus.
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Re: RollTide.com: 2008 National Signing Day Coverage

I just tried to send my papers in but the fax wouldn't answer. What up wit dat?


Sep 24, 2003
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Re: RollTide.com: 2008 National Signing Day Coverage

Alright men, this is the day THE TIDE TRULY TURNS!

If anyone is reading this outside of Alabama the B'ham News had a few great Saban articles on the front page of the Sports. They also listed the top 12 (state of) Alabama recruits and the Aubs had 1 at #11. The best they can hope for is a total of 2. Shoot, Florida had more than the Aubs!

Anyway, you should read these two articles...they are great and show exactly how tenacious Saban is in recruiting. Especially the story of Barrett Jones recruitment!

Here is the first: http://www.al.com/alabamafootball/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/sports/1202289465283100.xml&coll=2

Here is Scarbinsky's:


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Nov 10, 2003
Re: Tide Fans NSD 2008 Alabama LOI Signee List (Updated)

thread is now open with the first LOI of the day coming in from Melvin Ray


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Re: RollTide.com: 2008 National Signing Day Coverage

It's like Christmas morning!!!
Funny you should say this; I've been apologizing to people all morning for making them work on Christmas Day (all I've gotten so far is blank stares - probably should tell you that I'm in MISSISSIPPI).

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Re: Tide Fans NSD 2008 Alabama LOI Fax Received Thread

Funny, I always thought Ray would be one of the ones we would lose, somewhere in the process. Roll Tide, Melvin!!
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