Upsets for week 5


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Dec 17, 2003
Vinings, ga., usa
Florida over Kentucky - it is really weird typing that.
Colorado over USCw - seems like an upset that would happen to get the hype train back on only to have them lose to the sun devel the very next week.
Kansas over texas - I feel like texas is going to lose some games that shouldn't
Ole Miss over lsu - I am just not a believer in lsu
Duke over notre dame - I could see letting the buckeyes beat them twice
Arkie over texas 8&4

I picked a lot this week, but I just feel like this weekend will have a lot of surprises. You will notice that I did not pick any super jinx picks, but I doubt that works 2 weeks in a row so I made legit picks.
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Dec 11, 2014
Lancaster, PA
I think there's a chance Arkansas upsets TAMU as they may catch them looking ahead to Bama.
I also think there's a chance Clemson has thrown in the towel on this season and gets upset by Syracuse.
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Dec 22, 2003
Like the Duke pick and the Arkansas pick.

Texas is too much for Kansas. They seem to be hitting their stride.
Bama probably beats Ole Miss twice.
No way Colorado can stay on the field with USC. Not only are the missing Hunter, teams have video on them now.

Another one:
USF over NAVY.


Nov 11, 2019
Would not be surprised to see UK over Florida
Ole Miss can beat LSWHO if they can get over Bama. Even Lane was hurt.
If Arkansas can score in the 30’s vs A&M they will win.
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Sep 30, 2011
Huntsville, Al
For me:
Utah v.s. Oregon State. I think this game will determine rest of the playoff faith for Utah... and others.

USC v.s. Colorado- Gotta put USC on upset alert. Both team Defense are iffy. It could be a high scoring game.

Florida V.s. Kentucky- I don't see this a must game, but this game could be an issue for Florida if they want to win the East.

Texas AM v.s Arkansas- Max Johnson is now the starter. I think Arkansas will pull upset over them.

Georgia v.s. Auburn- Auburn with Hugh Freeze is always dangerous team. I think this is the one to watch... But We'll learn a lot about both team after Saturday.

Kansas V.s. Texas- Okay. I don't know.
SC v.s Tennessee- Both teams are hot mess. I can see SC pulling upset over them.


Jul 11, 2007
Duke over ND. Duke has a pretty good QB,and the defensive line not bad either. Arky over LSU. Arky has the better coach, they'll give LSU all they want and then some.

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