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Sep 3, 2016
So, my dad and my brothers and I are making our first SEC road trip and what better way to start that off than with a trip to Tuscaloosa. Bama is so rich in tradition and such a cool venue, so we're really excited to check it out. Having never been to Tuscaloosa before, much less on a game weekend, give us some pointers on how to get the full experience. Also, at this point the hotels seem to be slim pickings, any advice on lodging? As far as I know we'll be trying to make it in in time to attend Midnight Yell on Friday night, have all day Saturday, taking off Sunday. Please advise on cool stuff to check out, best places to eat, etc. Any advice is appreciated! Roll Tide (until we play y'all)!

*Oh, and sorry for the typo in the title. Not the best first impression. I promise us Aggies can spel wurds gud somtimez.

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