What Is This All About OBJ and Handing Out Money After Game...Is This Real? What About Legal?


Nov 13, 2010
Sure, because it's completely normal for millionaire NFL superstars to walk around with Monopoly money in their pockets. :rolleyes:
I would think that if word got out that a millionaire was handing out fake money, it would be embarrassing to said millionaire. :cool: I would think that the players would have looked at the money and frowned and threw it back into his face. If they assumed it was real and later found out it was fake, he would be labeled a jerk by the players.

For the sake of discussion, what would be the reasoning for him to be passing out fake money anyways...? 🤔


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Nov 22, 2011
By handing out fake money, he got a bunch of people all worked up. We have a thread here and probably one on a bunch of other boards. I am sure Twitter is going crazy.

It also raises the issue of Coach O getting a $500,000 bonus for winning the game while the players get Monopoly money.

If it was just a joke, I thought it was funny. If he was making a point, I tend to agree with him.
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