Link: Wisconsin DC Jim Leonhard is leaving the Badgers program after the bowl 👀👀👀


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Yeah, if I had to choose it would be to get rid of BOB and just hope the new OC could compensate for the ineptness of Petey Pie.
Pete is considered a top 10 DC by most that rate these things. We are always comparing him to those who came before him.

I think he tried to do what was asked of him. To try to build a defense to compete with basketball on grass.

the re-emergence of TEs in the game, along with some teams moving back to smash mouth has left us vulnerable against some.

now we are stuck between two types of offense in our league.

UT, State, OM, and Auburn who play fast and tempo.

Arkansas, UF, USCe and Mizzou who do both

A&M, UGA, LSU, Kentucky, etc who play slower and more methodical.

it’s a tough job. And you have to change schemes by game. And sometime your personnel doesn’t allow it.

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