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Aug 7, 2007
Coaling, Alabama, United States
I’ve watched parts of a couple of game. It’s not bad. The Kickoff is different and I kinda like it. The extra point is really different. You can go for 1, 2 or 3. They went for 2 on the TDs I saw. The 3 point attempt comes from the 10 yard line. That could make things really interesting at the end of game. You could be down by 17, score 2 TDs and two 3 point conversions and win. One of the teams had Bradley Sylve on it. What former players are in the XFL? How are they doing?


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Jun 6, 2007
Montgomery, Alabama, United States
I had the TB/NY game on in the background but wasn't really paying attention. I'm pretty sure that will be the last time I watch.

1 - It's too soon after the SB. Give us more of a break between the end of one and the start of the next. My wife is so sick and tired of football on the TV at this point in the year that she seemed rather annoyed, and confused, when I turned on the XFL game.

...but, I don't think that really matters because...

2 - I'm 100% convinced that as much as people love football in this country, they really only love the NFL and/or NCAA football. Outside of that it will be nothing but and odd curiosity for most. It's just not the same and the talent looks worse then most of the top 25 college teams. That TB QB could barely hit the side of a barn, at least the little I paid attention too. I'm just not going to waste my time getting emotionally involved in "amateur hour" football.

I give the league a season or 2 before it folds like all the other attempts. I'm sure someone will try again in 10 years.

Plus, I don't need football right because pitchers and catchers report this week. It's baseball season! 45 days until Opening Day!! #chopon
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Mar 26, 2012
Two things the XFL 2 has going for them: 1. the production of the games look real good. 2. Fans know where to find game (espn, abc and fox) and when (2pm and 5pm,). Stay true to those two and the XFL will have a promosing.

I liked what I saw and will continue to watch until they prove otherwise.


Dec 4, 2018
I think it is a more sustainable model than the XFL 1.0. It is definitely more watchable. I'm hoping the league last long enough to have multiple years for teams to begin to build quality rosters and coaching staffs.
If it can prove to be a feeder league for the NFL, it may be around for a while.

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