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    2-point vs Extra Point on Final Touchdown

    I doubt Coach Bryant's rolled up paper would have called for going for two in that situation.
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    CFN: Alabama vs Ole Miss Prediction Game Preview

    Fiutak used to be tough on Bama. In the past few years he has become like one of us. Picking large point spread wins.
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    Defense against the onside kick?

    That play convinced me once and for all that I never wanted him as HC at Bama. If he doesn't know the rules, he doesn't need to be a HC anywhere. Certainly not at Bama.
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    Pick the Score: Bama vs UT

    47-21 Bama!
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    Defense against the onside kick?

    True only if the player is in position to receive the ball. In that case he should be given a chance to catch the ball. Not sure I agree if the ball is bounced.
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    Defense against the onside kick?

    Correct. Just as a fair catch call by Clemson in the NCG would have been invalid. Clemson had no player " in position to receive the ball ".
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    BREAKING Tua head injury

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    Pick the Score: Bama vs Arkansas

    47-21 Bama!
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    Bama vs Texas A&M kickoff time announced

    CBS chose October 8 as the date of their Prime Time game on June 21. Knew then it would be Bama-A$M. CBS Sports announces broadcast windows for 2022 season, including SEC on CBS Adam Spencer | 4 months ago Saturday, Oct. 8 3:30 PM SEC ON CBS GAME TBD 8:00 PM SEC ON CBS GAME OF THE WEEK...
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    JessN: VANDY PREVIEW: A new tune in Nashville, or just the same old song?

    Saw this earlier today. I'm still laughing. 3. Scribes will tell tales of Alabama’s latest annihilation of Vanderbilt after Saturday, but nothing they write will top this lede penned by the Birmingham News’ Jimmy Bryan after the Crimson Tide smothered the Commodores, 66-3, in 1979: “Inflation...
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    Question: Birmingham bank phone number

    Any one recognize this number? 205-226-2000 :D
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    Arkansas Pass Defense.

    Good question. A$M is ranked #99 in Passing Offense.
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    Arkansas Pass Defense.

    They don't have one. Ranked #131 which is dead last. The passing defense for Arkansas is worse than that. Yes, you can be worse than being ranked last in FBS. I ran across these stats this week. If we take those 131 teams and add the 123 FCS teams to the group, Arkansas is ranked 251st out of...
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    Pick Em

    Don't do spread. Use confidence or straight pick.
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    Question: What Is Your Favorite Moment (Not Game) Of The Saban Era?

    I was a member of the Atlanta Sports Council at the time and worked the Fan Fare at that game. Told the guy I was working with that Bama was going to win 31-13. He, of course, looked at me as if I was insane.

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