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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Sorry for only stating current status. What's wrong with me?🤷‍♂️🙂
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Moody already announced in the portal.
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    Video: SEC Shorts - Georgia and Hope go to therapy

    For me, the best ever!!
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    Game Thread: Armed Forces Bowl: Mizzou vs Army (ESPN 7cst)

    When the Missouri kicker gave the salute to the Army team after his field goal, I was all Army. Don't believe there was anything respectful intended by him. I'm fairly sure every member of Army's team could kick his rear.
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    Player celebrations

    It seems to have started a few years ago with the receiver core, and I think for us long time followers, we're just not use to seeing it from the Tide. I personally think all the hand jive is very "middle schoolish", but hey... The ones I always shake my head about are the defenders whose...
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    Get well soon, Cecil Hurt !

    Hoping for a rapid recovery.
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    2022 Prospect: Who are the 2022 Recruiting Targets?

    My first comment after watching his commitment was "Say what?!?" Outside of that comment, he seems like a class young man that everyone would want on their team. Best of luck to him.
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    Tennessee fan coming in peace!

    AJ, we share initials and possibly a state of residence, but that's all. Bye Bye. Sing along, Rocky Top you'll always be, a pile of dung to me. Be gone Rocky Top, You're stinkin up Tennessee! (had to modify my version for the board)
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    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    Why doesn't someone start a thread about Mac Jones?
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    Good Move by Heupel

    Or. Too many QB's. Opportunity to get rid of one without difficulties.
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    Lane Kiffin dunks on Jimbo for calling out CNS (Fisher’s comments on beating Saban)

    My feeling is that the comment by Coaches Saban, Fisher, and Kiffin were all good natured. My greatest wish is that Kiffin/OM hands UT a whippin in Knoxville on Oct 16. There could be some great welcoming signs for the Viles at Bryant Denny the following week.
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    BREAKING Official NFL 2021 Draft Thread...

    The channel I watched(not even sure what it was) played the same film on MJ. Must have been a shared piece between networks. The wife and I looked at each other wondering why they basically trashed him by finishing with those plays.
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    Big Kat Bryant Bailing on Fourteenesee

    Fansided reported a couple hours ago that Bryant who left the Barn for UT has left for UCF and Malzahn. This is killin me. The laughter that is. Oops! Just saw this in the recruiting thread.
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    Link: Derrick Henry gives the perfect answer when asked if he got paid to play for Alabama

    I took it as good natured humor among teammates, of which Derrick was fully aware and participating.
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    BREAKING Ale Kaho to Transfer

    Apparently just doesn't have the physical structure to gain the necessary weight for the position at this level. Certainly not for lack of a motor. Good luck Ale in all your future holds for you.