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    Happy Birthday, Crimson Audio!

    That was 2k into the 3k, traps were on fire! Lol
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    Happy Birthday, Crimson Audio!

    32 miles with 50 extra pounds in a backpack sounds like. I do the Papa 3k myself Happy belated birthday!
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    JessN: Saban unloaded on Texas A&M because no one was listening 😂
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    He’s not in their top 11 after day 2, kind of stings that the Briarwood kid is number 5. I do agree with the sentiment that an Elite 11 performance doesn’t necessarily predict college performance, but struggling in the pro day workout yesterday could be troublesome.
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    2023 Recruiting Targets Interesting
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    Happy Birthday, Crimson Audio!

    Today? I knew I liked him for a reason
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    We still worried about recruiting? Asking for a friend
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    Vague, but I’ll take it 😂
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    News Article: Nate Oats on Alabama Roster: Article dated 22 Jun 2022

    Let’s call it “peer accountability “, Oats can yell at you from court side all game, Coach his rear off inbetween, and give you all the tools to succeed, but until your teammates hold you accountable and light a fire under you it won’t matter. Last year had no peer accountability.
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    Rocky Block Crayon Art

    Someone here had it for their avatar for a while. It is funny.
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    Question: Has society actually decayed or are we just more aware of it?

    Conflict resolution, internally and externally has led to the school violence. Kids are not prepared to deal with the bullying of today, and as kids we wouldn’t have been either. Bullying now is 24/7 psychological warfare due to cell phones and social media, not to mention potential physical...
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    Link: Very close to a railroad worker strike

    It’s compounded by the company’s disregard for the working agreements. There was a time the compensation was well above normal and all you really needed was a work ethic and a willingness to work nights and weekends. The last fifteen years or so the “raises “ havent outpaced the cost of living...
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    Link: Very close to a railroad worker strike

    As if the 2020s haven’t been “fun” enough, railroad workers are very near a strike. I doubt it would be very long, (railroad workers are like air traffic controllers), but who knows what would happen. Typically PEBs under Democratic...
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    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    Who left one school already because he didn’t get the nod. Let’s see how Ewers handles a Manning behind him.
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    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    You’ve noticed that too? Tua pulled us out of the fire, I can readily admit that. Jess’ headline sums it up perfectly: Alabama reached the limit where it couldn’t lose any more people and still be a championship team. To hear them talk it was a drubbing from beginning to end.

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