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    National Transfer Portal news

    I truly wonder what these kids are taking in school. Does their destination school have the same program? Do their credits transfer? Are they starting anew on something else? Will they perpetually take freshman level courses? At some point all of these kids will be told by their body or...
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    4 Heisman Finalists Announced Today

    Bennett’s case is a “lifetime achievement award type thing”.
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    Aluminum polish reccomendations

    I’m looking for an aluminum polish to clean up a truck box and get a shine back on it. Searching the inter webs gets about 40 bazillion brands and tools. Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with anything they would recommend. I have viewed a video in the past where a guy...
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    National Transfer Portal news

    This has been happening all along. It’s been said that the college game is about getting a guy in the program and the next recruiting cycle looking for a guy to replace the one they just got. Freshmen have come in and taken spots over guys who have been there a couple years putting in the...
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    Transfer portal and scholarship limits

    I got to wondering if portal transfers count toward the 25 part of the 85/25 rule. If not, a coach can theoretically skimp some on the HS recruiting scene and sending coaches all over the place, and therefore lower their budget. Collect players from the hundreds upon hundreds of kids hitting...
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    Deion is on his way to Colorado

    He did straight up tell them if he didn’t run them off he was gonna try and make them quit. Followed it up with the fact he wanted to know if they’d quit on him before he got in a game situation.
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    CFB memes, tweets, images, jokes, etc.

    Let’s just call this the Gamecock Bowl and make sure every UcheaT and Clempsum fan hear about it.
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    Deion is on his way to Colorado

    I had a friend tell me that Colorado is already being lit up with requests from guys in the portal wanting to move to Colorado.
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    Conference Championship Games are now Pointless and Should Cease to Exist

    What people need to realize is, it’s ESPN behind every bit of this. Who has the contract on the playoff? Who benefits more from heightened interest beyond the first weekend in December?
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    Conference Championship Games are now Pointless and Should Cease to Exist

    It’s about money now. Nothing more.
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    Deion is on his way to Colorado

    Is his kid graduating or does he transfer with Dad?
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    Game Thread: Big 10 | Purdue vs Michigan (FOX @ 7p CT)

    What’s up with Brohm’s neck?
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs SDSU - Sat Dec 3 - 7:30 SECN+ I

    I’m curious to see how we are going to play this vs an obviously overmatched opponent.
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    Karma for Riley...

    Wasn’t the first time either. If you do an internet search for “Caleb Williams fingernails” you find a pic of the same thing with N D X X on the hand opposite the vulgarity.
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    Alabama: 10/24/2022 Thru 11/28 thru 12/4/2022

    Is there a list somewhere that shows bowl payouts?

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