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    Should Alabama football players join the players' union?

    We are witnessing the end of college athletics as we know it. In 5-10 years, college athletics will no longer exist.
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    Game Thread: Missouri vs The Cows: SEC Championship

    I just hate auburn.
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    "Missouri's the best team we will have played all year."-Jay Jacobs (Auburn AD)

    Re: "Missouri's the best team we will have played all year."-Jay Jacobs (Auburn AD) God I hate auburn.
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    3 Nick at Noon Tickets for sale face value $50.00 + Shipping

    If you've never been, this is a luncheon a Colman Coliseum with Coach Saban. He will come in a speak for about 20 minutes and afterwards you can ask him questions. There always a bunch of ex-football players there and with this being LSU, there will be some big time ex-players. SOLD
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    2 Bama vs LSU 48 a yard Line $400 each + 3 Nick at Noon tickets $50 each

    I will listen to serious offers, but please NO low ballers. These are GREAT seats. I can provide photos if needed.
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    2 Bama vs LSU 48 a yard Line $400 each + 3 Nick at Noon tickets $50 each

    Two 48 yard Line, Section GG Row 57 $400 each with seat backs and parking pass (Coleman Coliseum). SOLD
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    Link: Coach Saban to fans: Stay the full game or give tickets to someone who will!

    Coach Saban, WE pay you to couch the team, not the fans. I'm a Tide Pride member since 1995 and I'll leave when I'm good and ready (I always stay for the entire game). BUT, when you begin paying my Tide Pride contribution and for my tickets. Then you can have a say in when I can leave the game...
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    Kevin Norwood Appreciation Thread.

    Norwood is money in the back!
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    Share your experience if you went to College Station, please.

    We had a great time tailgating with A&M fans/grads. Very hospitable, gracious, and good brisket! They love being in the SEC. Everywhere you look, you'll see a A&M/SEC flag. It's a good thing they're taking their new found wealth and rebuilding Kyle Field. HOT HOT HOT!!
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    How Many Bama National Titles In Your Lifetime?(And Pick Your Favorite)

    I was around to witness all of these as well. 1978 and 1992 were my favorites.
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    Thoughts 5 Days after another title...

    My thoughts; some ND fans were in a fantasy world before the game. Since they hadn't watched any other football games outside of their world or the Big 10, they honestly thought they had this game won before kickoff. Now, the ones I have come in contact with, think we're bad winners. When in...
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    The Advocate Baton Rouge: 5 reasons LSU should leave SEC

    One word why LSU will never leave the SEC...MONEY.
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    ****Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA in the SECCG****

    I just noticed, I'm still alive! I've been running on pure adrenaline for the past 6 hours. Roll Tide!!
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    Jesse Williams Appreciation Thread

    Huge Warrior!!

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